freezing love spell. Fold the paper so that the names are touching, and enter it as a sandwich between the pieces of lemon. If a love spell is to work, for example, the object of your spell must change their perceptions about you—and that can take time. Witchcraft 101 - The Freezer Spell - Traci York I've had my Witchcraft 101 Freezer Spell as a rough draft for ages. Discover freezing spell 's popular videos. Seal the container and place it in the freezer. Stop all this by ordering my freezer love spells. Freezer spells, even for the modern witch, are usually classified as . For this spell to work, you must know the person’s name. Freezer spells are the most used spells. 2015-8-6 · Witchcraft Spells ~~ Love Spells ~~ Money Spells ~~ Search. Obtain a picture of the bully, or just write the bully's name on a piece of paper. This one is a traditional type of banishing spell that helps to block someone out of your life. Chuck it in the freezer and watch how effective this magic is! Make sure you leave this spell in your freezer for a good length of time. When we cast a spell we ask for her help in getting the universe to bring about specific changes in someone's life. Start by getting a freezer bag. Moreover, other tools may be utilized in addition to aid in certain. 31 mars 2020 - ❄️❤️ This White Magic Freezer Spell can be used for love. Direct all your focus on him or her. The simplest break up a couple spell To cast a simple break up a couple spell, you don't need any magic ingredients or esoteric experience. It was supposed to be a love spell, but Hermoine must have given them the wrong spellbook! A hogtie. This is a love binding spell chant, the best time to cast this spell is at midnight on a New Moon. Your lover will be completely dedicated towards you and will never think of dumping you. When my love and I have gone too long without connecting, we can both tell the difference. This is in theory a powerful ritual. The three major urine love spells that will be discussed in details here are:. Paper can be used to write your petition (purpose or desire for the spell) and/or name of the person you want to “sweeten”.  · DotA - Freezing Field Remasterd Contains: Spell - Freezing Field Item - Scepter Summons multi explosions around the Jaina damaging enemys and slowing them for x seconds. Ring in the freshest season of the year with one of these creative ideas!. The hustle and bustle of everyday life experiences and decisions can be quite overwhelming, taxing, and all too consuming. In the past this freezer spell to break up a couple would be cast only in the winter because the casters needed ice and therefore freezing temperatures. Wicca is an artificially created religion and the Wiccan love spell has an artificial origin, too. You will need: Two lemons of equal size. Watch popular content from the following creators: Nadia & Salem☁️(@cauldronandspells), . As explained on my Love Spells Ingredients page, everything included in a love spell affects the atmosphere in my temple, a tooth brush isn't really compatible with love spells. How to cast freezer spells using the standard ice tray. Love Spells that actually, works could make him tumble in love along with you & Honey Jar Love Spell to help make her drop in love with you. Spell To Make Him Regret Leaving Me. 2021-7-15 · A simple love spell using urine comes into reach when thinking of casting love spell. If the divorce request was due by your partner, these powerful forces will change their minds and will create them a hard. When you are ready to perform the spell, take the cup out of the freezer. While Hoodoo and Voodoo are the most common source places of freezing magic, the spells have a longer history in African lore. Often, like in Hoodoo and Voodoo, ancient magicians used frozen orbs to cool down the emotional status between two people. Full text is unavailable for this digitized archive article. The duration of the freezing effect is shorter in Stealing Creation. Verb The children are going to freeze out there without their coats. The very act of doing a spell can make a person who feels powerless. We have helped people with all types of different spells including: Obsession Love Spells. We have been helping people like you for many years. written by Haitian Vodou July 11, 2017. Ice can freeze enemies in place, or spawn floating ice rafts on the surface of the water. May 11, 2020 - A classic White Magic ritual, the Freezer Spell can be used for love. The love spell works to bind two hearts in a bond that is unbreakable by anyone in the world till they both exists. All you have to do is to contact us and tell us what you want. Many magical traditions utilize freezer spells for a variety of magical purposes. In the earliest version, the name of the person you want to shut up is written out nine times and crossed with the words "SHUT UP" written nine times, wrapped in red pepper as. love spell,lottery,pregnancy spell, divorce spell,stop court case and win any court problem,death spell,business spell and many more you may need January 16 The Modern Witchcraft Book of Love Spells is a comprehensive collection that will help " This spell will cause the user's wand to regurgitate ghosts of its previously cast spells The Latin. If you do this, the target is FROZEN OUT, and will probably ignore your ass. They freeze a person in their tracks so that they lack the energy and will to disobey you. For example, write down the name of your partner’s lover or your rival. In particular, around the time of Samhain, homeowners might create a witch bottle to keep evil spirits from entering the home on Hallow's Eve. Place both pieces of the lemon in your freezer and leave them there for at least three nights. These forces will hold up the looming divorce, freeze it until it is got rid of. 2020-3-13 · Freezing Love Spell Very Effective. For a further documented series spells using salt in the German-American and African-American folk-magic traditions, see the page on. A freezer binding spell is a simple way to stop someone causing harm to you or interfering with your life. Freezer Spells-Love,Break up,Enemies,Bring back lover,Case Freezer Spells Freezer Spells casting is also a way of binding a person from negative acts. Learn more about spells with salt here. Like us in the spiritual world, we only do what the clients ask for and help them out. Binding their power with a simple ritual will make it so that their negative influences. Cast your own freezer spell Casting a love spell in the freezer is quite easy. your freezer with her name on it. For example, write down the name of your partner's lover or your rival. These powerful and unique spells are more or less a love spell to bind your love interest to you. Other than that you have free reign to use whatever jar you like. Discover short videos related to freezing spell on TikTok. 1 Losing control may make you to become a slave; 2. Noun The freeze destroyed many oranges. Pick a jar that has a wide enough mouth to fit your ingredients into. If possible, collect some hairs from their hair brushes. If after breaking up with your ex, your ex wages some forms of war against you (physically or. Once the spell begins to work, it's important to avoid leaping forward too quickly; instead, carefully watch and wait until the moment is right to take advantage of the change you've started. Now put the little bundle of lemon in the freezer (yes, the freezer) and try to hide it in the back so that absolutely no one can see it. 2019-10-17 · In the past this freezer spell to break up a couple would be cast only in the winter because the casters needed ice and therefore freezing temperatures. It's also possible to cast this spell for someone else. Some people prefer to use a glass jar. To become clogged or jammed because of the formation of ice: The pipes. And also use Pictures Under Pillow Love Spell, these love spell often work immediately. For this spell, I like to use a small pink jar, but a pretty, clear jar is also good. To break a love spell you essentially need to play out an exceptionally uncommon and basic frame of banishing magic. +27738332893 Quickest Voodoo Spells Caster To Bring Lost Lover Back, Love Spells To Stop Cheating In Germany, Poland, Finland, Canada, USA. Pink candles make for some potent magic when the intentions . The bag should have a zipper seal so that once you have filled it with water, you can then seal it. I have found that the symptoms of someone doing negative magick is that your lover changes all the sudden out of the blue and leaves you for the other person even though. Are you madly in love with your ex-sweetheart, it is possible to bring back a lost darling in 24 hours for using our Powerful Love Spells To Do At Home. Freezer spells can be used for all kinds of purposes, and they all involve locking something away in your freezer. They will thus open the truth to come out. Binding Love Spell White Magic Spell To Make Someone Fall In Love Lust Spell FREE LOVE SPELLS TESTIMONIALS. Discaria serratifolia Oxalis adenophylla USDA Hardiness Zone 9. It has some seriously deep roots in Hoodoo, but was even used in religious communities. This spell should be done during the full moon and needs to be renewed every month or if the person bothers you again. This simple binding spell from Ashera Star Goddess is a powerful way to bind someone or something to you or to a situation. The witchcraft moon spell contains the easiest and most powerful of rituals to make them work for you. You just need to freeze a wrapped-up lemon and paper bundle to bring someone back into your life. However, even a divorced couple can be brought back together firmly using these binding spells. Outdoor water is the best is best for this purpose, but you can also use tap water. To remove their energy from harming you, applying the "freezing spell" is part of the standard proceedure of clearing a space. How to fight the evil eye, welcome good luck, and more simple food-related spells you can learn from wise and superstitious Italian . 2020-4-28 · These powerful and unique spells are more or less a love spell to bind your love interest to you. The person won’t contact you as much (or at all, if it was super effective) and won’t be able to hurt you. This stops other people's energy from bothering you, whether they are intending you harm or are sending out negativity unknowingly. How To Cast Three Love Spells. Besides, this love spell should be put on the target as soon as possible before the target has a chance to fall in love with someone else. 2021-2-25 · This one is a traditional type of banishing spell that helps to block someone out of your life. These are the best love spells to bring back the ex-lover simply and faster. They may be carried out through ritual action, reciting an incantation, or a combination of the aforementioned. The answer to that question lies in your hands. Cast free love spells that work fast. Google's battery-powered Nest Doorbell and Cam won't charge in freezing weather If your Google Nest Doorbell or Cam conked out during a cold spell, here's the reason why. The "Put 'Em On Ice" Spell There is a lot of "arguing" going on out there in the world of Magick regarding "breakup spells". The very act of doing a spell can make a person who feels powerless or victimized feel at least briefly that they are somehow in control of the. A love freezer spell also works great when you know where the person lives. Witchcraft Spells ~~ Love Spells ~~ Money Spells ~~ Search. On the next four pieces write why you want to bind the person, one reason on each piece of paper. If you want to remember how to spell Freeze then write it down a couple of times. Freezer Spells for Many Purposes. Just amazing! And the word "evermore" at the. For example, they heal thewater wizard. Cast this love spell and make your life worry-free from all worries. Begin by writing the name of the person you wish to prevent from harming you on a piece of paper. Spells can be as simple as scratching your intention in the dirt, but they can also be as elaborate as. Take the pieces of paper and write the name of the person you want to bind on one piece. i used freeze spells and i have to tell they’re working. Busting a curse or malevolent spell by washing it away and replacing it with protection and well-being. It is very effective and you could say that it works almost immediately when it is done safely and above all with confidence, believing that it will work and following step by step the steps to follow without forgetting none. The paper doesn’t have to be big at all. Freezing Love Spell Very Effective. frozen_love_spell 92% Not the same as “I love you” has less meaning due to the fact you aren’t saying “I” And is basically just throwing a sign of love out there with not as much affection as “I love you” just like “good night” and “night/Gn” seem less “valuable” if hat makes sense Princess Anne wants to find a soul mate, and you can help. The subject and recipient of the Wiccan Love Spells will recall the emotions she or he once felt and the ritual will restore these emotions into her or his heart. Google’s battery-powered Nest Doorbell and Cam won’t charge in freezing weather If your Google Nest Doorbell or Cam conked out during a cold spell, here’s the reason why. The Freezing Spell This stops other people’s energy from bothering you, whether they are intending you harm or are sending out negativity unknowingly. Your Freeze Out A Love Rival Spell will vibrate an energy to makes your love rival lose all interest in your lover and vice versa - it is completely safe. Check out these 10 Ways to Use Eggs in Witchcraft for some unique ideas to incorporate this miraculous little treasure in your Craft! For many modern pagans, the egg symbolizes the Spring Equinox and the renewal of life in the natural world. Is this a freezer spell or a love spell?. Follow these steps to perform a freezing spell to forget the person you love. As any practicing witch will tell you, there is no right way to cast a spell. You'll need a freezer bag with a zipper seal or some other container that you can fill with water and seal. Witchcraft Secret Manual Esteban J. Second choice would be any time during the waning of the moon. Returning a spell is to reflect one or a curse cast upon you by someone else. This spell is some serious defensive magic and—like most spells—should not be undertaken lightly. Place the paper and pebble into the Ziplock bag with a sprinkle of salt and fill it with water to cover the paper. Choose the container All container spells work to bind, constrain or restrict the target of the spell. Cast Your Voodoo Break up Spell Today If you are looking for a voodoo break-up spell caster, you have come to the right place. First, write your name and date of birth, then name of your partner and his or her date of birth on the paper with Red pen. It is not important what texts you read, but the more it is the better you remember how things are written. If you had love but lost it through circumstances, personal difficulties, or outside interference, you can use this spell to try to reunite with your lost love. 10 Ways to Use Eggs in Witchcraft. Magic is nothing but art, and therefore the ability, to change reality. Secondly, at night fold the paper and save it under your pillow, then ask for your desire and chanting his/ her name. Before we get all excited and delve into how freezer love spells can help you keep your lover faithful, let's start by defining freezer spells. Lost Love Spell to make an individual slide in love along with you. When spelling bigger words or names try to separate some letters and see if it makes sense this way. How to dispose of a freezer spell? Once the freezer spell has worked, you can take the container out of the freezer and wash it well. Christopher Helman Forbes Staff V2 At least feel briefly, for a time that you are in some way in control of the scenario again Everquest Spell Information for Tidal Freeze. A container (glass jar or plastic container) Freezer. Whether you know those false accusers or not, these freezer love spells will be able to eliminate all those negativities from your relationship. You will need: 1 ice cube tray 1 piece of paper Water Sugar Write your enemy’s name on several small pieces of paper. Envy, selfishness, and hate, can be kept away by freezing these energies. The love spell write name on paper is a common ritual although most people are practicing it in the wrong way. Yet in the event that your sweetheart. These spells are designed to repell and keep someone away passively. He knows now that I am the love of his life and he doesn't want to lose me ever again. After 12, possibly 24 hours, check on the bag. It is a spells used to turn a tide or reverse a current. You'll also need 2 pink candles. To acquire a surface or coat of ice from cold: The lake froze over in January. A classic White Magic ritual, the Freezer Spell can also be used for Love works. Perhaps the best-known type of jar spell is the witch bottle. Free Love Spells That work Immediately. Lemon Spells — Freezer Spells For Love. Do you feel your partner is involved in a relationship with someone else and does not behave well with you? Does he fight you?. This paper can also be anointed with the oil that matches the purpose of the spell. They are used mainly for protection. Powerful Love Binding Spell,Love Drawing Candle, $ 9. Unbounded Flames, Unbounded Freezing, and Unbounded Storms are three powerful Expert-level Destruction spells with wildly different effects (though each one is incredibly powerful in its own right). 2022-3-24 · The love spell write name on paper is a common ritual although most people are practicing it in the wrong way. I also offer my services casting spells. Aleister Crowley, one of the major exponents of occultism, said, "The general purpose of magic is to influence the world behind appearances, in order to transform appearances themselves". Apart from keeping your partner faithful, you could also cast freezer love spells to bring back a lover by freezing the enemy that took them . Although at a simple level an attraction spell and a crush spell may appear similar, both give different results and have different side effects. The semen for this ritual should be fresh and gotten during ejaculation. BlaqHippy said: Um binding has NO PLACE in a freezer spell. Cayenne pepper can quicken results and sugar can sweeten them, or act as an attractant. For as long as you want the individual to be restrained, keep the spell inside the freezer. The process is deeply personal and needs to be tailored to fit the situation. This may require a "freezer" spell or something that involves "Keep Law Away" spells, candles or. Freezer Spells To Break Up A Couple. it; Views: 12257: Published: 20. Freezing Spell Expected in Most of East. ️ ️ FREEZER Love Spell: Very Effective & No Tools Required. Freezer love bindingThis is a binding spell to join two hearts jointly. The person won't contact you as much (or at all, if it was super effective) and won't be able to hurt you. The target is aware and breathes normally, but cannot take any actions, even speech. 2022-3-9 · Search: Freezing love spell. In love is better to have prevention of anything that might come between you and your lover one then just letting it happen because when it happens you will be out of solutions to make your love life to normal as it was. These Freezer Spells are a simple way to bind someone from causing harm to you. This lemon breakup spell is a little different and needs to be cast outside. Optionally, write down your intention (e. Freezer Spell To stop gossip and shut up haters We have all been the victim of someone's gossip. It doesn’t hurt them physically or emotionally, You will need a freezer, a zip lock bag, some water, a piece of paper and a pencil. You can, however, cast love spells. 1 - Heavy reduced code and no lag when casting anymore. Then the whole spell would have been counter productive. You'll need one candle in each of the following colors: red, green, yellow, and blue. It’s also possible to cast this spell for someone else. Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of number one Aussie 90’s electro-rock band, Def FX, before continuing on to author several best-selling books on Modern Witchcraft. When you told your friends about him, they said it was too good to be true, and you dismissed their concerns. Better Than A "Breakup Spell". ItemsSource to Photos OC and than on another thread load and add items to Photos OC. Nicola Kelleher claims all you need to stop bitchy friends talking about you is a piece of paper and a GHERKIN. How to Perform a Freezing Spell to forget a Love One. This article was written by The Manic Nami on Tumblr. The use of dark and cold in this way is very powerful. Hold your hands over the ice and name what has frozen in your financial affairs. Spell To Make Him Regret Leaving Me, Cheer up! You can cast love spells on your lover. Марка автомобиля Acura Alfa Romeo Audi Bentley BMW Cadillac Changan Chery CHERYEXEED Chevrolet Chrysler Citroen Daihatsu Datsun Dodge Ferrari Fiat Ford Geely Genesis Haval Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Iveco Jaguar Jeep Kia Lada Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus LuxgenDe grootste. Yes, Reconcile love spells can be used for relationship reconciliations. Honey Jar Spell for Love Honey Jar Spell Ingredients. by Haitian Vodou July 11, 2017. 00 GBP Currency Converter Calculator Alternatively, you can use a triple casting of the same spell for maximum power - £200. This spell was written in Sapphire's book Add this game to your web page Gelish, Performs like Gel, Applies like Polish SPELL TO STOP A TROUBLE MAKER JAR Write the name of the person on a piece of parchment/paper, fold it twice The Freezing Spell mimics the effects of Molecular Immobilization and was created by Grams The Freezing Spell mimics the effects of. You can perform it on the eve of the test. These love spells are also used to bolster an existing relationship and bring people. It doesn’t cause them any harm – however it does attempt to manipulate their actions, so before performing this spell, think hard about the role of karma in magic (or the threefold law). This spell does not mean that you only write the name of you or the person you are putting under a spell and that is over. If you need to appeal to someone’s better nature and want them to see you in a good light, try a sweetening jar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We’ve included binding spells for protection as well as more general powerful spells below. Mar 21, 2020 - The freezer spell is one of the most well-known spells in witchcraft, and is even used by non-practitioners. Water and a small container to freeze everything in. If you can't wait, chose any Saturday at midnight. Pour the salt in and seal the jar tightly. Cast free love spells that work fast. More so, using his number of years like if the guy/woman you want is 24. Then out of the blue he started texting me again. When your enemy tries to attack you, you freeze him with the freezer spells. In hoodoo and invoke, one of the most famous . Have you ever cast a spell, felt like a total badass, waited with bated breath for the results and then… wished you could immediately take . How to make a person drop in love along with you spell. Freezer; Best time to cast the spell: Waning Moon Phase; How to Cast the Witchcraft Freezer Breakup Spell. In the last century a group of people realized they were losing connection to nature and tried to restore it to be able to continue taking advantage of its energies. When you believe that the threat has passed, you can remove the spell from the freezer and allow the water to defrost. It is absolute free, easy to perform, and the labor does not take long to bear fruits. Attraction Love Spells can help you in getting attraction of that person whom you like or admire. sample tin makes 5 cups $6 3oz pouch 37¢ per cup $14 5oz tin 38¢ per cup. These breakup spells and spells for letting go will help you embrace magical healing. It's basically metaphysical quid pro quo. This spell is a little unusual as you don’t normally involve the freezer in love magick. Thaw containers overnight in the refrigerator before serving. In hoodoo and conjure, one of the most popular uses of a freezer spell, which is also called an icebox spell, is to get someone to keep their mouth shut during a court case or. I don't do black magic nor love spells as long as all the partners are already in love and agree to do the spell. The Brazilian method of keeping a man faithful. Purpose is the practice that encapsulates the goal into the potential it develops more quickly. 2019-10-24 · Wiccan love spells. Do you want to love someone and bring back your love then consult our love spells caster specialist to cast freezer spells to bring love back together. Behold my magic, my beauty, my love. All-purpose is that you can use magickal components to sweeten or sour the mix; prior to you putting it in the fridge freezer. About two months after my love spell was cast I was starting to think it wasn't going to work. ~ I say, “place to freeze it” because I’ve heard some people like performing this during the winter, then leaving it outside to freeze. A freezer spell is an option to keep away any type of energy that is contrary to us. Actually, freezer spells are quite traditional! They have developed, via incremental deviation, from African American beef tongue spells in the hoodoo rootwork tradition. According to this newsletter, love binding spells are used to fasten the love in a relationship. Freeze Out Love Rival Spell is a favourite spell for witches to use themselves if anyone tries to steal their lover. Love Binding Spell is a special Wicca and spell casting practice that is used to create and enhance the connection in terms of the benefits of magic. Once you put them in your freezer their energies. So don’t try this spell on someone you’d like to reconcile with, because they will literally be iced out of your life. Collect rose petals and take them near moving water. So a mean gossiper can be silenced or a stalker can be frozen in his steps. This does no harm to the other individual. Freezer Spells for Love That Work. Dallas-Fort Worth is hunkered down under a thin but lethal layer of ice, with sleet and freezing rain expected to prevail through Thursday, . Freezer spells and binding spells are used to stop someone from doing something. My top five love spell books are diverse enough to accommodate all budgets, and they cover all of the main points needed to cast an excellent love spell for yourself, a client, or a friend. Shake the jar in your dominant hand as you …. 2021-7-23 · Freezer spell to block a loved one. 00 This package consists of three, one hour spells, cast as closely together as possible. They are quite different from a love spell. In other words, they are employed when you want to freeze someone's words or activities or to freeze someone completely. Love Spells come in various different guises, there are spells to find someone to love, spells to rekindle a relationship, and spells to get back an Ex lover. On a full or rising moon night, pour the semen, blood and saliva into a clay cup and recite these words: "Let the passion of my blood and the energy of his sperm ignite the love of ___________ (first and last name of your partner). This spell has four ingredients and the recipe is a closely guarded secret. This love spell can also be used if you think someone has done something spiritually to influence your lover (love spell) a psychic reading can detect if this is a problem. Why this Spell Works The point of a freezer spell is to literally freeze their actions. Picking fresh strawberries is my favorite part of Spring, although in most places strawberries don't ripen until Summer. The love spell with urine and sugar is one of those love spells that use bodily fluids. To pass from the liquid to the solid state by loss of heat. If I bind someone from harming me, I'm also binding myself from harming them. Are you on the verge of loosing your loved one because of witches or for whatever reason? Heal relationship problems using love spells to increase love between two people. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Spell - Freezing Sphere - A frigid globe of cold You can refrain from firing the globe after completing the spell, if you wish. The three major urine love spells that will be discussed in details here are: Love spell with urine and sugar; Urine jar spell; Urine freezer spell. It gives a boost to any spell and its main use is manifesting success, hence why I use it a lot. Consequently, he will return and be yours forever. 2017-5-13 · Attraction Love Spell Attraction Love Spells are very useful for those who keep on loving someone in their heart but never can gather courage to express feelings in front of that person. The best way to seal the container—whether it’s a jar or vegetable—is to drip black candle wax on the lid or opening. 2020-7-19 · While the spell works to restrain someone metaphysically, it should be used with positive intentions, such as preventing them from doing something or and keep them from causing harm to themselves or others. This recipe uses no tools other than a few simple ingredients that everyone has at home: Paper, Pencil, Freezer, and a Glass Jar or plastic container. Can a freezer spell be used for love? The answer is yes, but first it is important to understand what a freezer spell is, and how it works. Adding cayenne pepper or sugar: As you can tell, I love chamomile. To Pass a Test: You will need this spell to pass a test or job interview. With the approaching 3rd quarter moon, it was the perfect time to post it!. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to break certain physical habits. This ritual can be utilized to break a love spell that was cast by you and should be broken or a love spell that was cast on you that you have to dispose of. 2017-1-14 · This spell is for freezing out a witness or legal opponent, but it can be used for any situation where you wish to exclude someone from meddling in your affairs. In other words, they are employed when you want to freeze someone's words or …. Simple recipe with no tools other than a few ingredients you have at home: . How Do You Fix A Black Screen On A Tcl Roku Tv. ️; Salt is for the protection of everyone involved. At times, they are used to attach or put close a couple by use of a knot or a tie. Then look intensively into the flame of the candle and hold your palm upwards. 2021-7-15 · Casting a love spell in the freezer is quite easy. Maybe you have a terrible boss who won’t leave you alone, or an ex who continues to cause issues, or maybe someone you used to be friends with is …. This recipe uses no tools other than a few simple ingredients that . It was designed with the ability to sweeten the affection of someone towards you. Numerous mystical conventions use cooler spells for an assortment of otherworldly purposes. froze (frōz), fro·zen (frō′zən), freez·ing, freez·es v. I know a freezer spell to separate people; it's actually to separate lovers, but I used on my neighbors. Freezing Love Spell "Very Effective"To return a lover, to improve your relationship or to facilitate the connection with someone you'd like to date try this. She is a popular radio and television personality, appearing on many programs around the world. You want the paper to be fully immersed in the ice. This is quite unique in purpose compared to the other varieties of urine love spell. Fold the paper in half, then in half a second time. 2 - Reduced code again and lag completly. Then, try visualizing your ideal. voodoo spells, psychic reading, powerful binding spells, marriage reconciliation spells, business protection spells, marriage protection spells, witchcraft, black magic spells with no karma, white magic spells, win court cases of any kind, escape prison spell, jail out spells, easy court spells, bring ex lover back spells, fertility spell, spells for your crush, Eternal bond love spells. The Freezer Jar spell is a spell used to "freeze" people out. A freezer spell, or icebox spell, is one of the easiest workings you can cast. Now, put five Basil leaves and some sandalwood powder on the Puppet. Take the slip of paper and on one side write the name if the original target. Freezer Spells - Lemon Freezer spells cucumber for enemies and love Freezer spells function similar to binding and banishing spell. This paper is then folded up and put in the sugar jar/bowl/container and covered with sugar. As long as you have them on ice, that's where they will stay.