grand prix transmission swap. GT F40 six speed transmission from a Saab 9-5 areo. 3L LS4 V8 and the 4T65E transmission. I found an engine from a 2009 Buick Lacrosse with 20000 miles on it that says it will fit a 2006 grand prix gt. By Glacier163, October 28, 2019 in Turbo Grand Prix. Purchased this pcm as file only because I have the hp tuner to program it. Check if this fits your 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. Buy used Pontiac Grand Prix transmission from our network that offers up to a two-year warranty on qualified units! We carry a wide-ranging catalog of used Pontiac transmissions for all applications including gas and diesel engines. It sounds like you definately have a few internal problems going on. change Max Verstappen's gearbox if it has any concerns about damage from his qualifying crash at Formula 1's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. _____ 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT WizAired CAI, Impala 12" Brake Upgrade, ZZP Alternator Rewire and Voltage Booster, Rotated Dogbone Mounts, Kicker KS690 6x9s, JBL GTO427 4s, JBL P652S 6. You just might have to get the new gears and shift points programmed into the PCM. At the end of the 1990s, Pontiac made a major decision about its flagship, the Grand Prix. For GXP owner and the dedicated restorer, your best option may be to spend the $2,000 to have the transmission rebuilt by Triple Edge Performance in Fort Wayne Indiana. 64 Grand Prix transmission swap. I recently had my engine sieze up on my 2004 grand prix gt. * 2006+ Grand Prix cars are now tuned with their specific PCM Cores and recent HPTuners software. In 1989, the manual transmission was available only in a Grand Prix equipped with the 2. Maybe even change the engine to a turbo 3. The harsh shifts could be a pressure control solenoid acting up but generally you will have a code P1811, no. Designed for use with 12643HKR engine mounting brackets and. 8 Monte Carlo SS engine and transmission with a 2003 Grand Prix GT engine and Transmission. Particularly the location of the neutral safety switch. Hooker BlackHeart 2480HKR Hooker BlackHeart LS Swap Mid. L67 Swap for Standard W-body Vehicles (97-03GP, 00-05MC/Imp, etc) $2,649. While the LS4 is likely a poor choice for an engine-swap project, The starter was mounted on the transmission—not the engine block. The TH200-4R is an adaptation of the TH200 with the addition of an overdrive drum that adds an overdrive gear. 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix project car. I'd like to replace it with a th-400. It has less then 100 miles since the rebuild. Look up a trasnmission by model number and view vehicle . Transmission has had erratic shifting and slipping issues since 30k dealerr always siad no problems found when under warranty. If you get a transmission of whole engine package from a Buick or Oldsmobile, and it is a L67 from 99-03, you will be getting a 4T65eHD transmission. 93 was used on all supercharged 3800 engines. 1963 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Transmission & Drivetrain. #3 Re: 4t80e swap into grandprix. Is there anyway to switch transmitions without changing the power plant? I want to keep my 389, but. Our Community is 833,000 Strong. We show you how to perform an early transmission swap, replacing the Jet-Away on this 1960 Pontiac Catalina for a TH400 with help from the . The only real upgrade is to Grand Prix GXP. Order Pontiac Grand Prix Flywheel - Automatic Transmission online today. The website has a long way to go and will require a lot of info and help from the community. Visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for Pontiac Grand Prix transmission service or repair. Unfortunately, it would be miles better with an engine and transmission swap…140 horsepower out of a V8 was barely adequate in 1978. It's got a 3400 and the non-HD 3. The main issue with the LS4 cars is the automatic transmission, so if that's something that bothers you, it's best to budget out a couple of thousands for a rebuild. Is it possible to swap into the Grand Prix base?. This inherent transmission problem makes the car risky to drive, so Pontiac has issued recalls to fix it. 1, and only year 2000 for other Buick Centurys. We currently carry 258 Drivetrain items to choose from for your 1975 Grand Prix, and our Price Match Guaranteed prices range from as little as $1. You'll need a driveshaft yolk for the TH400, as it has a different size spline from your original trans. Share I installed the transmission and now it remains to burn memcal. The only other cars that will interchange with yours are the following: 2000 Chevy Lumina 3. This allows a somewhat easy swap of gear sets for the following final drive ratios: 3. 1, your transmission had to be an automatic. First off you will need a F40 transmission out of a 2006-07 Pontiac G6 (RPO code MU9) 04 Grand Prix oil filter adapter. The cross member can be used in the same location, if you use a special 700R4 tail housing. Car is super solid and rust free. I have commented on the engine swap on another topic - V6 Engine swap. Hooker Headers Transmission Crossmember. Local Oil Facility Bombed During Saudi Arabia Grand Prix F1 Race. TREMEC TKX 5-Speed, TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed, and SST's A41 Automatic 4-Speed PerfectFit™ Overdrive Transmission Kits are the simplest and most cost-effective way to convert to a modern overdrive. 29 final drive work properly in my 99 bonneville. Is that possible? Concerns are the Transmission compatiblity. Car is in primer ans has a set of brand new wheels and tires. Swap Kit Make: AM General American Motors Arctic Cat Audi BMW Buick Cadillac Can-Am Chevrolet Chrysler DeTomaso Dodge Eagle Ferrari Ford Freightliner Geo GMC Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti International Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Jensen Kawasaki Kia KTM Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Mazda Mercury Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile Omega. 2005-2008 Grand Prix GXP – tap shift 2006-2009 . Not for this car which is supposed to be a fun car for weekends etc. I got motor mounts from napa for a 1978 monte carlo with a 305 (the same mounts used for a 350, I checked the napa part number) but these mounts will not bolt up. Turbo Grand Prix ; swap getrag 282 in return 4t60 swap getrag 282 in return 4t60. I've been trying to figure this out on my own, reading, making tuning changes, checking for possible mechanical issues, but I just can't seem to get rid of the knock retard. Use The Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart To Find Transmission Compatibility. Donor motor, transmission, and related parts came out of a 2005 . 64 Grand Prix transmission swap Pontiac Classics Car Forums Page 64. Other modifications could include fabricating a rear mount, and shortening/lengthening the driveshaft if the TH400 is a different overall length from your original trans. The car I'm buying is automatic. How interchangeable are the parts from one to the other? I know the transmissions are similar, 4T65E. The combination lock on the Grand Prix’s glovebox probably encouraged many a thief to tear. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm and Sat 9am-1pm. 8 SS engine and transmission with a 2003. Transmission Crossmember for LS Engine Swap into 1978-87 GM G-Body Cars Regal, Cutlass, Grand Prix) (Fits TH400, 4L60E [later 2-piece housing], 4L65E, 4L70E. "Nico coped well in Bahrain and we are sure he will do likewise in Jeddah," Aston Martin said while confirming the swap. The drive shaft will need to be cut and a smaller yoke installed. So, I plan to swap a manual gearbox into it. I was pretty sure that it would work with my car but. com/user-projects/alexs-gtp/Part One of the Engine & Trans swap on the 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. The differential is easy to swap for a trained tech, the trans doesn't need . Headlining the event is Amir Bentatou’s turbocharged and K-swapped 1991 Acura NSX that has already competed at. 99 6-speed Manual Transmission Mounts for Grand Am/N-body Vehicles $449. The delay into gear is likely either a worn boost valve in the valve body or more commonly a worn input clutch piston inner seal surface. Valtteri Bottas is confident he has rediscovered his form at this weekend's French Grand Prix after beating teammate Lewis Hamilton in both . Keep your 2007 Pontiac functioning at peak performance. I'll get up to around 11* (usually starting around 35-40% throttle). Swap a 400 transmission with a four inch tail to a 700R4 transmission: #1. One common issue with the Pontiac Grand Prix is that it’s prone to transmission failure. mod list:Custom tuneHV3 insertPorted lower intake AGX 4 way. The TH200-4R was used in GM rear-wheel-drive cars equipped. Other transmissions may look the same and bolt up physically, but may have different gear ratios and different electronics. As per the OP I "simply cannot abide an automatic transmission". I did top swap from a 99 GTP to a 98 Grand Prix gt. It is a must for a swap that requires moving your transmission 1" to 2", while allowing 1" to over 2-1/2" of offset. This will be most likely the most affordable route and if desired the HD differential can be added. My 99 has a bad body but a good motor and . Pioneer Automotive® Automatic Transmission Super Repair Kit. All jams are already painted silver or change to color of your choice. This six-liter engine (with a capacity of 6,350 l) features a four-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust system rated at 300 horsepower (220 kilowatts); a choice of four barrels (5 455 l) with optional exhaust. W-BodyTech W-Bodytech is a website with a soul purpose to host all the info one may need to maintain, work, tune and customize the cars built on the GM W-Body platform. Transmissions and Torque Converters. Will a 4t65e from a 02 prix w/ 3. Read the tech article on an A-833 Manual Overdrive Transmission Swap, brought to you by the experts at Mopar Muscle Magazine. Mild steel construction with black ceramic coating. The TH200-4R can be identified by its odd-shaped 16-bolt pan, which roughly resembles the state of Nevada (check your maps), and the transmission pan bolts have 13mm heads. A couple of things I have noticed about this engine is it shares a lot of the standard architecture with the LS1 series of engines, except for the bellhousing bolt pattern, starter mounting location, shorter crank, and more compact assy/belt drive setup. These transmission parts will fit your selected application-GM G Body 1978-81 El Camino, cutlass, Regal, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix with Vortec Truck balancer spacing. In short, you're looking for a 4T65E transmission. Out of a floor shift automatic car. the transmission swap still has some ?'s to be answered. This will be the fifth time Hulkenberg has stood in since he last. Assuming it was operational before it was pulled in a swap for a 4 speed, would this trans be the same as mine in my 63 GP?. LS4 DoD 4T65E TAPShift Fiero Swap PAGE 2. Transmission Swap Guide for 2005-2009 cars with 5. 2004 Grand Prix - HELP ENGINE KNOCKING 1997 grand prix gtp transmission swap. trans in a 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 389 to a 350 or 400 trans? Swapping out the Slim Jim is a good idea, but might I suggest . Pontiac Grand Prix Questions. While the Can Am was full of terrific stuff (RTS handling package with front and rear anti-roll bars, a Grand Prix instrument panel with more . are there original bin with manual transmission? Pontiac Grand prix 1990 turbo. Axle Swap Kits Make: AM General American Motors Arctic Cat Audi BMW Buick Cadillac Can-Am Chevrolet Chrysler DeTomaso Dodge Eagle Ferrari Ford Freightliner Geo GMC Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti International Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Jensen Kawasaki Kia KTM Lamborghini Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Mazda Mercury Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile. Transmission swap - I have an 2007 Grand Prix gt 3. It has been my experience that the cost of putting a more modern transmission in one of the cars correctly can range from $1500 DIY with scrounged-up parts to $4000 having a shop do it. Finally Done: Series III and F40 Six Speed Swap. The LS4Store provides resources and links to both OEM / Replacement and Aftermarket / Performance-Oriented parts for GM W-Body cars with LS4 engines, including the 2005 - 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP, the 2006 - 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, the 2006 - 2009 Chevrolet Impala SS, and the 2008 Buick Lacrosse Super. I have a 2001 pontiac grand prix that has had a dying transmission for awhile now. I think it finally quit on my way home from work this evening, but I'm not 100% sure since it has never happened to. What Engine Did The Pontiac Grand Prix Have? The standard four wheel-drive vehicle was powered by a 600 liter engine. Notes: Transmission Crossmember -- For Use With LS Swap In To GM G-Body; Base/T56 Transmissions. The 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Is An Under The Radar Supercharged Muscle Car. The RWD and manual transmission swaps in his sig are jokes, he didn't actually do them. The 4T65E transmission is more common and can be found with 3. Transmissions typically fail when stress and wear eventually cause the gears inside the transmission to break. Buy your used Pontiac Grand Prix transmissions from us and save time and money. I did scan and sent it to Bo who would tweak it and send back. Hi, I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix 104000 miles that I drive for work. Japanese people also need to eat on trains, so in the late 19th Century they invented a solution to this problem: ekiben. The word ekiben comes from eki 駅, meaning "station" and the ben 弁 from "bento. I installed the transmission and now it remains to burn memcal. 1975 Grand Prix Drivetrain @ OPGI. Find PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Motor Mounts and Inserts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Engine Swap, Complete Mount, Bolt-In, Steel, Zinc. As they built them like this they were nothing more than LIGHTLY gussied up Lemans hardtops. This patent pending transmission mount will align to your transmission crossmember when your new drivetrain is moved forward. You have remained in right site to begin getting this info. I found one for fairly cheap but its like I said from a 02 grand prix. Transmission swap - Will a transmission from a 99 grand prix gt work in a 02 grand prix. com, the official website for Custom Classic Trucks Magazine!. Each member company of the Hedman Performance Group is a specialist in the field they serve. Any Wbody vehicle trans will be close to a direct fit but the gear ratio may be different. We currently carry 135 Transmissions to choose from for your 1963 Grand Prix, and our Price Match Guaranteed prices range from as little as $3. With automatic transmissions, engines work at a faster pace. Pontiac - Trans swap 1964 Grand Prix - I have a 1964 Grand Prix with 421 HO Tripower (not original motor) and a Rotohydramatic auto . 8L With Supercharged Option Fits 05 GRAND PRIX 915640 (Fits: Pontiac Grand Prix) $1,079. Check if this fits your 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. The Pontiac Grand Prix was equipped with the 4T65E transmission and 4T65E-HD transmission in supercharged and 5. 64 Grand Prix transmission swap Pontiac Classics Car Forums Page 64 64 Grand Prix transmission swap - Page 64 - Car Forums and Automotive Chat Our Community is 833,000 Strong. OPGI offers Lokar plus fifteen other trusted brands of Transmissions for your 1963 Grand Prix, to. 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix RWD Swap Engine and Transmission Car Forums Automotive Forums. 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP LS4 DoD 4T65E TAPShift powertrain swap into a Pontiac Fiero. 20 cars based on production vehicles were invited to compete across three days at the 11-turn, 1. 3500 Swap for 3100 or 3400 powered vehicles. 29:1 trans in there now, the transmission he recommended I use is a 70K mile one from a rolled 1998 Riviera 3800SC and would be a 4T65E-HD with a 2. National Powertrain Remanufactured Automatic Transmission Assembly T280447. Excellent replacement for your worn out or faulty part Designed to restore original performance and reliability. com Car Chat > Pontiac > Pontiac Classics > 64 Grand Prix transmission swap. A 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix that we are going to be converting over to a 5 speed manual transmission just like the SleeperGTP used to be!. Transmission Car Grand Prix Manual Swap Grand Prix Manual Swap Grand prix gt 3. JOE changes the transmission in a 1997 Pontiac grand prix. Is The Pontiac Grand Prix A Muscle Car? It is our opinion that the Pontiac Grand . Look up a trasnmission by model number and view vehicle applications and compatibility; or search for a vehicle by make and model to display applicable transmission(s). 99 N-body Billet Transmission Mount $184. Grand Prix Top Swap Part-Throttle KR. 8 supercharged and need a new transmission will an transmission from a 06 Pontiac Grand Prix non supercharged work for a swap 7 Answers 180,955. 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix gt swapping the transmission. The calipers are hard to find, best to order new. Add your comment to this topic!. 3800 L36 to L67 "Top Swap" · 3500 Swap for 3100 or 3400 powered vehicles · 3400 Top Swap for 1994-1999 3100 vehicles. 2022 Grand Prix 1962-77 175 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, sulfur, nickel, chromium, vanadium, titanium, polyvinyl chloride, and 4,4’-methylenebis (2-chloroaniline), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. But for me, General Motors should be pilloried for building even the cheapest Grand Prix without a full set of gauges. 1-3/4" primary tube diameter and 2-1/2" collector diameter ideal for LS1/LS6/LS2 or 5. This mount kit includes new frame brackets that bolt into existing holes in the frame. 3800 Series II Grand Prix GTP to Series III GTP swap. Grand Am/N-body 4t65eHD conversion kit $3,549. I have a chevy 350 and turbo 350 tranny inside of my 78 grand prix right now but I am having a hell of a time with the motor mounts. Automatic Overdrive Transmission Swap. Pontiac Grand Prix without Manual Shift Option 2008, Automatic Transmission Super Repair Kit by Pioneer Automotive®. Anyway car is way out of warranty and trans is now very bad. I have a 01 Grand Prix GTP with a broken trans that I want to put a manual into (I know I know it's a lot of work to swap from auto to . Almost forgot, cost of the transmission and you will probably want to have it rebuilt if it's a used unit. This specific video shows the removal of the transmission out of a Grand Prix GXP, but this is the same procedure for any LS4 W-Body car . This LS swap kit is for (78-88) Monte Carlo, (78-83) Malibu, (78-87) El Camino, (81-87) Regal/Grand National, & (83-87) Cutlass. Of : Pontiac Grand Prix Manuals Transmission Swap Feb 22, 2020 - By Dean Koontz ** PDF Pontiac Grand Prix Manuals Transmission Swap ** 4t65e Page 3/4. Grand Prix Manuals Transmission Swap ** 4t65e Pontiac Grand Prix Manuals Transmission Swap out of a grand prix and use it in a bonneville the manual transmission cars are the same way the catalina grand prix used a regular borg warner t 10 transmission while the bonneville and star chief used a t 10 with an extra long main 4t65e transmission. Check out this E40D transmission swap on this 1973 Ford f350. Prix Transmission Swap Grand. Hedman hedders specializes in headers, Trans-Dapt Engine/transmission swap mounts, and Hamburger's focuses on. The 389 uses the same bell housing bolt pattern as all Pontiac engines, so swapping in a TH400 should be relatively straight forward. I've got an 2007 Impala LTZ in which the transmission went out on. LS4 Performance - grand prix gxp engine swap need help - Alright on a ls2 block an will my transmission still bolt up the exact same. These will bolt on to older Grand Prix, Regal, all Impala/Monte carlo but 04-08 Grand Prix will require a swap to spindles that use the parking brake on the inside of the rotor drum on the vehicles previously mentioned. Get the best deals on Complete Manual Transmissions for Pontiac Grand Prix when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Hi Scotty, i bought a 2007 pontiac grand prix 3. Position II: You should hear two clicks and all your dash lights should turn on. Hooker BlackHeart LS Swap Mid-Length Headers - Painted 1978-1988 GM A/G-Body (Monte Carlo/Malibu/El Camino/Cutlass/Grand Prix/Regal/Bonneville), Mid-Length LS-Swap, 1-3/4", Collector Size 2-1/2" Part # 2480HKR Be the first to write a review. Will the Comp G Trans swap directly in to the non comp g gtp? I have hp tuners and the . 8 liter naturally-aspirated we took the motor out of a , Grand Prix , GXP 5 3 \u0026 put the engine in a , Grand Prix , GT. I really do not know much about all of this but I do know that I need to rebuild this one or swap in a less mileage or rebuilt trans. I have a very clean 2004 GTP which needs a transmission. A friend of mine has a 2004 Grand Prix GT not s/c in which the engine went out on, which he's thinking about parting out and scrapping. 8 supercharged and need a new transmission will an transmission from a 06 Pontiac Grand Prix non supercharged work for a swap 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Pontiac Grand Prix Parts & Accessories Aftermarket Catalog. The car is a 99 GT that I "L67 top-swapped" with an engine I had. But they aren't without their . The center of this conversion is our engine mounts and crossmember kit. 2004 Grand Prix GT swapping the transmission part3. The mid-size sedan (which was also available as a coupe), had grown somewhat long in the tooth after a decade without any significant updates. Our #49 700R4 tail housing with transmission mount (7 3/8 inches long). Even when we're just sitting there doing nothing on a Shinkansen bullet train in Japan that's firing us towards Kyoto at 285km/h. ** The 2001-2005 Grand Prix GTP and 2001-2004 Regal GS (and any other vehicles not originally equipped with Performance Shift) do NOT require the addition of a performance shift harness to utilize the features of our PCMs. Silver Sport Transmissions CNC machines the cases and tailhousings of the TREMEC TKX and TREMEC Magnum to streamline them as much as possible. Check out free battery charging and . 97-mile street circuit of Long Beach. This one has those pop-out cassette-tape holders that were so popular in the 1980s. Read Book Grand Prix Manual Swap Grand Prix Manual Swap Recognizing the exaggeration ways to get this book grand prix manual swap is additionally useful. Transmission swap from a Transmission swap from a 4t60e to a 4t65e axles and lots of other goodies. And your options are even more limited if you have the grand prix GXP with the tap shift transmission. Perfect candidate for an LS swap. 1976 Grand Prix Cowl Assy $300. Mid-length design for optimum ground clearance. For GM LS engine swaps into 1978-88 GM A/G-Body vehicles. Trans swap 1964 Grand Prix. Ratios are different among the transmissions however. So any Grand Prix, Regal, Monte, Imp, Grand Am, Bonneville that's front wheel drive will work. Pontiac - 1997 grand prix gtp transmission swap - I got a 1997 gtp with a bad trans what can i pull another trans from and it bolt up and everything plug in . I need to find the cheapest way to fix it. What are the most important steps when replacing the transmission of a Pontiac Grand Prix 2006. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 28, 2004. The differential unit can be swapped to change the final drive ratio on the transmission without having to tear into the main part of the transmission. 8 supercharged and need a new transmission will an transmission from a 06 Pontiac Grand Prix non sup. Transmission problem 1997 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic My grand am gt transmission locked up on the car shortly after buying it. Simple thing to remember is the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP has the MN7 98-03 that works extremely well in the Fiero L67/L32 swaps. I was under the assumption that engines from 2004-2008 will work. Transmission swap 7 Answers I have an 2007 Grand Prix gt 3. Global Time Attack Pro Championship joins the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach for the first time. Moveras Remanufactured Automatic Transmission Assembly M00780. Is it possible to swap my transmission out for a transmission from a 01-02 grand prix?. Notes: The VIN #is required to ensure that the correct part is shipped. Automatic, really cheap, the guy that sold it to me said it needed a transmission the one in it wouldn't go into drive or reverse, its the 4t65-e trans, can i put a trans of the same model but out of a same year buick lacrosse?. did one in a 97 grand prix and it cost the guy over 3 grand. com Car Chat > 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix RWD Swap. No matter the condition of your 1975 Grand Prix , OPGI has the Drivetrain products you need to boost performance and get you back on the road. Nico Hulkenberg, who has been a former Formula 1 driver for Renault, finished 17th at the Bahrain Grand Prix. This simple bolt in mount eliminates the hassle of swap misalignment and saves you time and money. Phase 2 is the mechanical and electrical aspects of the engine/transmission swap. Filter by Availability Filter Results 1963 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX Individual Parts. 29 drive ratio, which is preferred for this swap as it matches the stock gear ratio on the 99+ Grand Am GT model. acquire the grand prix manual swap associate that we give here and Page 1/37. 01 gtp-big cam e85 dd 78dodge- guzzling fuel 05 cummins- rollin coal. No point to, they are not much stronger. While looking for a new engine i was told that i need to get an engine from a 2004 and back grand prix. Other than that, the Pontiac Grand Prix GXP is a surprisingly interesting FWD V8 performance sedan that could definitely prove to be a cool buy. That would mean instead of running 2000rpm at 70mph it would be 2000rpm at 78mph, lowering my highway cruise rpm's by about 220-225rpm. Would rather put the money into a swap to manual than pay up for another rebuilt automatic. -An automatic to manual transmission swap guide -Axles -PARTS NEEDED IF YOU DO NOT BUY A PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GTP DONOR CAR. 3 by DAT DEAL RACING 1 year ago 2 minutes, 39 seconds 4,898 views Grand Prix , GT 3. 84 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix Transmission Crossmember. Any one with a manual trans grand prix?. After a few emails and scans she’s purring like a kitten. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Is there anyway to switch transmitions without changing the power plant? I want to keep my 389, but I don't want the slimjim anymore. He does have a Regal with a Whipple though. Hands down when it comes to programming the 3800 Pontiac. No matter the condition of your 1963 Grand Prix, OPGI has the Transmissions you need to boost performance and get you back on the road. Introducing the newest project! Let's build a 5 speed manual Grand. 1969-72 Grand Prix Transmission Hump $125. Phase 3 is to install the BCM, DIC, and other modules we got from the Grand Prix in to the Fiero to see how much of it I can get working without too much trouble. 8L With Supercharged Option Fits 04 GRAND PRIX 135160 (Fits: Pontiac Grand Prix) $805.