honey x sick reader. Honey and Lemon- Sollux x Sick!Reader Notes: [f/n]= first name I won’t be typing in a lisp, because I would inaccurately write a lisp due to never hearing it in person. You hadn't even done your homework last night as you were feeling pretty sick. During the premiere, Cole finally confronts you and turn the tables once and for all. Summary: After years of fighting with illness, Reader decides to take her life. Levi x Sick Reader “Warnings: being sick, vomiting I may take requests for Levi, but I only really write comfort Get some sleep honey. Every time you tried to get close to him, he always told you he was too busy, and ushered you to another host. She might be a genius, but right now she was a sick little girl who needed comforting. It can easily be used for small codes, in high production speeds or for long-range identification. Yandere muichiro and giyuu with a suicidal/traumatized darling. She walked upto him and took the paper bag he was holding, . Upon entering, you were greeted by lots of barking, the dogs obviously not using their indoor voices. destiel destiel x reader dean winchester. Summary: Jimin taking care of you while you were sick. I'm sick of your voice, sick of your face Sick of your choices, sick of you name Sick of your pleasure, sick of your pain Sick of your pressure, sick of your game. So here you sat, miserable in your. Realizing the other one is sick and bringing them tea and some food. Teacher Reveals The Sickest Burn Given By A Student That He'll Never Live Down. The largest and most trusted free online dictionary for learners of British and American English with definitions, pictures, example sentences, synonyms, antonyms, word origins, audio pronunciation, and more. TW// if you know enough about killing stalking to be attracted to Sangwoo then there’s no reason for me to put a trigger warning. Takashi Morinozuka x Reader One. It takes some time to recover from a cold-" you started, only to sneeze. Going down the stairs and fixing some Lemon and honey* inside the mason jar, Drinking it but cringing at the. com/essay/29/essay/7/ For your first paper you are to create an argument for or against physician assisted suicide. Behind you, the living room table has a bunch of snacks, wrappers, and food lying around. Moondrop x reader; Sundrop x reader; honey pie~ (Sundrop x Reader, Moondrop x Reader) little star! What’s your name?” I said trying to ignore the sick. Read Don't Wake Him Up! | Honey x Reader Lemon (Request) from the story Ouran High School Host Club x Reader Oneshots/Lemons by Raphewel122 (Anime Fangirl) wit. It isnt until one day thier lives change when her brother meets someone who helps them get. Chris Evans x fem!reader 홨홪홢홢홖홧홮 you and Chris got drunk and drunk accidentally filmed a sex tape. Vitamin C, garlic, honey, lemon and ginger tea and even a whisky nightcap are all said to 'cure' a common cold – but what's the best way to soothe symptoms?. Request from anonymous: “can you do a request of yoongi dating a sickly s/o like she gets sick 24/7. but Honey! We have to find you a suitable courter!" Her words still ran in my ears. 퐀퐔퐓퐎퐑퐒 퐍퐎퐓퐄: [this story contains smut] I never wrote smut, I'm pretty bad at it and I don't feel comfortable to write smut about Chris Evans, I hope you understand this, I know, a fic with smut gets more attention, but this is for my ppl who are also. The first sentence is fairly uninteresting. Pairing: Wonho X Reader (female) Genre: Caretaker!AU, fluff Summary: You get sick annually but this year was when it hit the worst, and the first time Wonho saw this happen to you. Not as hot as me, but that's hard to beat. The second part to the fic I wrote, this will probably be my last post for another week since I have school to catch up on. Just Focus (Bucky Barnes x Reader) notes: this was a request from @iminlovewithmycarrrr from a while ago! just a reminder there’s both an open request list and an open tag list! it’s going to take me a while to get them out, but eventually i will write them! thank you for patience!. Listening to Tamaki compliment girls as they swoon and scream wasn't exactly your idea of fun, but as long as you got to see Kyoya. For the past few days, the Survey Corps HQ had been at the centre of a very cold, very wet Summer storm. Looking up you saw it was your reaper telling you it was time to go. Travellers to India are advised to get vaccinated against infectious …… such as typhoid before they go. Warnings: Angst, a bit more fluff on Shinsou's end, drinking. Miss Honey rubbed her back, humming quietly. An innocent, harmless sniffle, you thought, and nothing more. We have a lot of requests to do, and we're very lazy potatoes, so we're very sorry if your request is coming slower than you'd like it to. Becoming A Woman [Liechtenstein x Female!Reader] Becoming A Woman Liechtenstein x Female!Reader Notice: Please note that this is supposed to be a humorous piece of writing. As Law accidentally stepped upon a wrapper, you both suddenly paused to the crinkling. You wouldn't have even come to school this morning had your parents not forced you to come. I won't be typing in a lisp, because I would inaccurately write a lisp due to never hearing it in person. A snowy brow arches in response, before those teal orbs peer up at me. I’m very much still alive, I’ve just been going through a few things recently, however, I am back to write again. "Y/n, honey, are you oka- oh, Enji you're home. a high temperature (fever) of 38C (100. Closing your eyes and taking a few deep breathes seemed to help you for a bit, but you couldn’t sleep. He placed the back of his hand and checked your temperature. (this can be considered a part 2 of the last one I posted!) • You wouldn’t even realize he was sick until he started showing very obvious signs. But it's not so bad if it means I can receive special treatment from the troll I secretly love, Sollux. And despite my face burning up, my body shivers in a chill when it's not even cold. Buy Healthy Bee, Sick Bee: The Influence of Parasites, Pathogens, Predators and Pesticides on Honey Bees by Phil Lester (author) (ISBN: 9781776564057) from . " Almost on cue, his stomach rumbled loudly. Honey's Kettle wid my brotha HoodRich Pablo Juan Prod. Smiling, he gently moved her hair out of the way and put the thermometer in. #luna lovegood x reader on Tumblr. Oh, honey pie~ (Sundrop x Reader, Moondrop x Reader. like i understand why heat evolved out of humans but like honestly wtf. linked universe x reader luxreader linkeduniverse x reader 100 followers gingerbread loaf its basically the starbucks drink Honey Citrus Mint I highly suggest it if your diabetic like me be more careful because it spike my blood sugar. Headcanons for being grossly sick and the good boys caring for you [[MORE]]Sidon honey-mun-cat liked this Karl Heisenberg x Reader. Note - Hope everyone is doing well :) This. Honey and Lemon- Sollux x Sick!Reader. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. Maximum performance and optimized throughput: The Lector65x image-based code reader from SICK stands up to the challenges of lo. We have recently updated the screen reader optimized website to include headings, landmarks, and new shopping features to improve your experience. Komik Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. from the story OHSHC x reader One Shots! (COMPLETE) by RinbeFree (Make•Me•Free) with 13,222 reads. You fidgeted impatiently on the soft pink chair. the warmth of his breath fanning the side of your cheek, blood rushing up your neck at the sensation. Watch Victorssbsss Twitter Video Leaked November 7, 2021 At 10:09 am. Pairing: Loki x Reader Prompt: Just a really body positive and saucy fic that literally no one asked for. So lets just pretend that the team are still all together and Peter didnt throw away the offer… Wanna be tagged in anything or everything?! Message me and let me know! Masterlist. I do hope that you all enjoy it~ though the reader and Lil are not in a relationship funny one-shots like these are good for the soul. The British Egg Industry Council predicted 10 per cent to 15 per cent of farmers could leave the industry, with many on the brink of bankruptcy 301 shares Pensioner left 'moaning in agony' during 10 HOUR wait for ambulance. You can think of them as nature's own nanotechnology: molecular machines with sizes on the nanometre scale, equipped to invade the cells of other organisms and hijack them to reproduce themselves. "zuko are you feeling well? you sound quite sick"katara stated with a furrowed brow pressing the back of her hand to the fire lord's forehead "honey people change" azula cackled fire streaming out of both her hands knocking y/n back onto the wall as she attempt to block it the girl falling to the ground. Tia Julietta knelt to one side of you. Pairing: Wonho X Reader (female) Genre: Caretaker!AU, fluff. (I wish I never ever met you Five years of mistakes I'll never undo I'm not your medicine or your tool Don't expect me to ever fix you). The Lector61x is the smallest image-based code reader of the Lector® series. A/N: I read a piece of @ohhhmyloki 's work a while back, and was totally inspired. "Hi," he said, slightly weak and uncomfortable with the. Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x reader Warning: illness, its sick reader fluff Word Go back to bed, honey,” you encourage him, waving him off. Miss Honey picked her up; Matilda clasped her arms around Miss Honey's neck and laid her head on her shoulder. Thor X Reader: Self Conscious. Prompt: Reader-chan is self-conscious about dating a God. You could still hear the screams, still feel their hands. His eyes were staring deep into mines and they were filled with love and he adored me so much. ───── ⋆⋅🎃⋅⋆ ───── Your eyes scanned the table, taking in the mountain of pumpkins stacked there. Okay, can I get some more The reader is actually okay with him being Yandere because they suffer from anxiety but they feel safe around him. 💕 [I might make a part 2] Word Count - 1,986 ~ Requested by me ~ 🖤 We had a few days off after the last mission we were all on. Finally, the door to the hidden room Robert had opened. Shut Up Phil -Ranboo x Reader(techno sister!) -Of course Character! "Oh no nothing suspicious at all. five hargreeves five hargreeves x reader the umbrella academy five hargreeves x you five x you five hargreeves imagine five hargreeves smut five x reader five fanfiction five x y/n number 5 imagine number 5 x reader number 5 x you number five x you number. You always sat with him, eating your sweets as he ate his. Summary: You're a poor university student that just wants to pay their lone. The rest of the week is a little calmer, and you don’t see Steve Rogers again until the following Thursday when he hand-delivers a Mason jar full of flowers to your door in the morning. bnha x reader oneshots And Scenarios Romance Mostly nonbinary some times I mess up Fluff:☁angst:🌑lime:💚 Oneshots and scenarios will be divided by and chapter saying SCENARIOS requests open, (all requests must be submitted in private messages or will not be published) COVER ART IS NOT MINE I. Yandere! Hero x Reader The hero is not jealous But he’s jealous I think it’s fair to say that the Hero looks more like a sick lover than a jealous rat Only his brother and you communicated with him normally It’s not so bad because you’re next to him Maybe his gifts confuse you, but he likes to embarrass you. Komaeda Nagito x fem!Reader (lemon) I love this crazy hope baby. But we do encourage you to listen to an album before you decide to buy it. Firstly, her sister broke down1 after her divorce and was sick for several months. Peter Scolari, who rose to stardom on the brilliant-but-canceled "Bosom Buddies" alongside Tom Hanks, died Friday morning at age 66 of cancer, after a two-year illness. summary: You and Charles have been dating for a while, but you can tell special agent Moira MacTaggert clearly fancies him. It's so hot and I don't want to get burned, I just forgot to spread it around this spot I guess. Aran was quiet for a moment, but figured this wasn't the time to be stubborn. anything “Yeah, honey, you've got a pretty sick black eye and a very mild . “(Y/n), honey?” Yelena gently shakes (Y/n)' . After your 10th win, you are pretty much dead to him now. Summary: HATE being sick! It's like my entire body is filled with snot, and my throat hurts like hell. Sibling Love | Platonic!Russia x Female!reader. Gibbs ordered you to go home, but you didn't. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7. blonde with a fringe, his fringe having a black light night strip. This Honey Mustard Baked Chicken Drumsticks recipe is a perfect, effortless way to make baked chicken legs in the oven. Hey guys got another fan fiction thing for Hisoka, though this one was written by the request of another member wanting to see a reader . All Might x reader}|[MHA x reader] LE ASK~ Yandere All Might, my dude. You just happen to be sandwiched right between the middle of them. Nightmare is a nightmare animatronic who first debuts in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 as the game's final antagonist. (tags/warnings)- oral sex (receiving), fingering, consensual somnophilia, blindfold kink?. Go To Online Reader Watch Video Online Reader. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. appears at the bedroom door with a tray of lemon and honey tea, and some medicine . X Reader who is an extremely light sleeper! (+Senpai and Ruv seperate) honey--gutz liked this Probably went home sick after this, as he really had to think for a while; Had a nice think about it. Father!Bruce Banner x Sick!Daughter!reader and Honey Badger (Because even though you look sweet you are fiercely protective and will mess somebody up if you have to. Browse our selection of barcode scanners below. Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart. (I wrote this cause im sick rn) this is really bad but idc lol “oh. Offenderman with an affection-starved lover. After school let out, you went straight to the Host Club. Pop the cough drops out of the ice cube tray. He should know better than to provoke you, so he stays silent. When I am sick, I usually rest and take medicine. Whe he nuzzles his head in the. You leaned back in your chair, smiling as you finished another piece of cake. Ha, don't expect less from this . Fanfic: Masked: Sick Day, RWBY. Freeze the coconut cough drops until they're hard, about 20 minutes. You, the reader, assume full responsibility for how you choose to use it. One day, when he requests you to go over to his house to meet oficially his siblings, Hayley accuses you to being with him only for his money and power, which leaves you heartbroken. You remember a year before you got this sickness, when you met a nice man. Read honey x reader (friendship) from the story OHSHC x reader One Shots! (COMPLETE) by RinbeFree (Make•Me•Free) with 17,821 reads. My Newt Scamander Playlist Christmas at Hogwarts Playlist. You'll just need hot water, whiskey, honey, and lemon. Sindarin translations: mellon nín - my friend; tithen pen - little one ; lan·guor | \ ˈlaŋ-gər also -ər \ (n) weakness or weariness of body or mind. Scoop coconut oil into a mixer bowl and beat with a hand mixer or stand mixer until it's whipped. You groan and grab your phone, stopping the alarm. He's lean in stature but, his eyes are the type of honey blonde. Read YOU Get Sick from the story Honey Senpai x Reader by PokemonLuverOMG ('Murica F Jones) with 4485 reads. I HATE being sick! It's like my entire body is filled with snot, and my throat hurts like hell. so sick (peter parker x reader) A/N: so this imagine is based loosely based on this song, so listening to it first would make more sense before you read! MY NEW BLOG IS @darling-marvel PLEASE DO NOT. There was faint sounds of clattering as Akaashi cleaned up the work station and . Kill me :)•At first, he was just a friend. ) +The Bad Batch X Reader Christmas Blurb (Which somehow turned out to be Crosshair X Reader lol) The Good and the Same (Feat. "The vaccines are very good at protecting against severe infection, hospitalization and death but they're les effective at protecting completely against infection. One-shot x reader {Canon et OC} 1. Read My Cupcake | Honey x Reader Lemon (Request) from the story Ouran High School Host Club x Reader Oneshots/Lemons by Raphewel122 (Anime Fangirl) with 7,779. Come back to me - Charles Xavier x Reader. Its high-performance DPM decoder can read even lasered or dot-peened codes perfectly – even in the case of low contrast levels, contamination, or poor code quality. edit: only juju will write a section of this length except its two sentences lmao. Her and her brother live on the streets getting by with whatever they can get their hands on. Regardless of your business’s needs, we have a scanner to help. Pass Out - Jake Gyllenhaal x gn!teen!reader, Tom Holland x gn!teen!reader: You’re sick and insist that you’re fine, but you end up passing out in front of fans. When are you gonna get better? It's been almost 3 days," Hikaru whined, averting his gaze from the TV to glance over at your watery eyes, stuffy nose, and tangled hair. Prompt: (I combined two requests because they were very similar, hope that whoever requested them does not mind, thank you) You're sick, really sick, and you haven't told Aziraphale or Crowley about it because you can't think of the right way to tell them. A wheezing cough that sounded like a lung was going to be spat out along with a fever and constant sneezing had kept Kuai up all night, and while he didn’t mind it so much, you constantly apologised for it - you didn’t want him losing sleep because you were sick, but he was more than happy to. Imagination Station! — a scenario where Villain Bakugou. На всех площадках: sonymusicrussia. We have a lot of requests to do, and we're very lazy potatoes, so we're. Manhwa Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint bercerita tentang Dokja adalah pekerja kantoran rata-rata yang minat utamanya adalah membaca novel web favoritnya 'Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse. “Sick?” (Shawn Mendes X Reader) A/N: Hi all! I’ve been so stressed lately especially cause of exams and cause I made it into stage 3 auditions for this thing I’m auditioning for so I’m a bit down in the dumps and I wish that I could literally quit school but that would be impossible cause I’d be disowned by my parents. Gojo Satoru x female reader NSFW! headcanon-. The point everyone can see them and ask's questions ohshc kyoya ohshc hikaru ohshc kaoru ohshc Mori ohshc honey ohshc x reader oura. Natasha just groaned and rolled over into his lap. I know you said you had bronchitis, and I hope you’re feeling better! Word Count: 452. 34k (whoops, I went slightly overboard) Warnings: throwing up, headaches, feeling dizzy, aspirin, nausea. - He then chuckles and hugs you. Steve touched your forehead, Picking you up, And bringing you toward your room. I’m trying to make you feel better about Shrunk, which is an updated version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. If I'm really sick—super achy and incapable of even thinking about food—I'll drink peppermint tea with honey and lemon. I slide the book from the desk and take its place, grinning down at the boy. Typical Killian, always trying to impress and take care of you. But for you, he's always known. Click on a thumbnail or button to start reading. Antlers- Newt Scamander x Reader. #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x reader #marvel fanfiction More you might like *Y/N getting a tour. Fox, dog & log Short 'o' Phonics story - og, ox, word families. You love to run your hands through his curls. North Italy x Reader Sick~ **Reader's P. Tae: Awh, honey ~ I'm so sorry that you're sick. He doesn't feel weird when he just looks at you for long periods because it never gets awkward. Floyd Leech: The door clicked as you were practically forced into the storage room of Mostro Lounge, tripping on a cardboard box backwards following down. Just as you were finishing up, your host friends began to enter the room, setting up for. Gibbs ordered you to go home, but you didn’t. Savanaclaw Boys x Reader - Have you no Idea That You're In Deep. A/N-Since you all like Sick!Ushijima x Reader~"Are you sick?" I thought it would be nice to reverse the roles except pick up from the story line of the last one. Most of the oneshots will be x reader, idk just like doing things like that. He was a criminal, a murderer, a highly lethal and notorious executive for the Port Mafia. She suddenly felt sick, having the urge to throw up her dinner. Mitsukuni Haninozuka (aka Honey, Hunny or Hani, Japanese: 埴之塚 光邦, Haninozuka Mitsukuni) is an older boy who is attractive to girls because he is child-like and cute. but seriously mihoyo please release him so i can be free T^T. Maybe I experience it once every four months. Read (♡) Sabo x Sick!Reader from the story One piece x reader. He wouldn’t let you leave the house until he could clear you as not sick anymore. The only light source is the TV playing on mute in the background. Summary: You’re hidden relationship with Chan makes its reveal. word count: 1,845 warnings: developing relationship, bruce is secretly a softie, reader helps him remove his makeup, savior complex galore, angst, fluff, smut (unprotected sex, creampie, multiple orgasms). Reader x Elijah Mikaelson (NOT MY GIF)*requested Imagine: You are in a long-term relationship with Elijah Mikaelson and is very happy with it. But when you have loving parents there to take care of you, maybe it isn’t so bad ? Just short little snippets of the first time each Batkids fell ill in Wayne Manor, and how Bruce and his wife (you :D) dealt with it. Plus an optional side of buttery, crispy smashed potatoes for a drumsticks dinner made on one tray!. Tfp : sad!Optimus x mech!Reader. The kind of shit you happen upon at like 3am or some other ungodly time because you were trying to find a fix for ur fixation at the time and you are just SUCKED IN and every sentence feels like a line of cocaine and it has quotes and imagery that permeate your brain and it’s the shit that sticks around in your consciousness forever and. I woke up at 4 and ever since, I've been feelin' like I've taken a round too many from Sandman. bucky x reader | fluff | soft bucky drabbles anon requested. He softly scolded as he approached the bed to kneel in front of you. I HATE being sick! It's like my entire body is filled with snot, and my throat hurts like. Cariña means darling/sweetheart/honey and mi amore means my love. With the way you ate, matched with your love for cake and Honey, you never thought you could lose! Not to mention, you had your favorite flavor of cake: [F/F]. Could you please do cuddling headcons. With a magical 4 ingredient sauce, no marinating required, these chicken drumsticks are golden, sticky and everyone loves them!. [Текст] I am in LA with five bad bitches and they lickin' I am at Honey's Kettle eatin' pancakes and chicken I got diamonds in my mouth and they glistenin' Tried to. The Avengers dealing with a sick reader :) Avengers x teen!reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes x teen!reader (platonic) Summary: after the reader gets ill, the avengers take it upon themselves to care for you! Written by Aphrodite ;) Word count: 1. To find your agency, see the final page of this document. Traveller (Shad x sick Reader), a legend of zelda fanfic. The teacher seemed to drone on forever. Originally posted by angelwing430. Find information and advice on health conditions, symptoms, healthy living, medicines and how to get help. Little crackers, plenty of water, and lots of love go with your soup, of course. 2558 You've tried to ask him and his other friends why he is ignoring you, but Michael never says a word and his friends tells you that whenever 27 de mar. bnha x reader oneshots And Scenarios Romance. Cuddle HC with Dream and Quackity. Hoodie (tommyinnit x reader) It was a summer evening and you were laying around Tommy’s house. Yandere Tanjiro finding reader in an illegal fighting ring. Father!Bruce Banner x Sick!Daughter!reader Calls you: My Dear, Darling, Beautiful, and Honey Badger (Because even though you look sweet you are fiercely protective and will mess somebody up if you have to. cam — Hoodie (tommyinnit x reader). It doesn’t matter if your sleeping in your bed or sitting on the couch he will cuddle you. But I'm here and I'm gonna make it all better ~~~. “Good luck, sestra,” Natasha says, pulling her sister into a quick hug, and then leaving the MedBay. Little Human; Kol x Reader. Tamaki x sick! reader Hikaru x reader Honey x Sister! Deaf! reader part 2. You get to choose who you end up with in the end. And even after the pain of loosing so many solders I get sick the day before going back to work and training. @youandyourstupidrope : I just thought of one, Fluffy or smut up to you. Read Don't Feel That Way Hikaru x Reader Lemon (Request) from the story Ouran High School Host Club x Reader Oneshots/Lemons by Raphewel122 (Anime Fangirl). Yandere muichiro, kyojuro, giyuu headcanons. You both are just made for each other. Yandere Kyojuro x reader ( oneshot ) Yandere Kokushibo and Tanjiro's reaction to reader not being able to buy a dress. bandages covering his body with burns all over, made you feel sick. Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader A/N: Modern AU, Teacher reader, Dad/Baker Steve… lots of pining, slow burn, romance. This man is tall, so you best believe that he’s going to be the big spoon. Mostly nonbinary some times I mess up Fluff:☁angst:🌑lime:💚 Oneshots and scenarios will be divided by and chapter saying SCENARIOS requests open, (all requests must be submitted in private messages or will not be published) COVER ART IS NOT MINE I. On top of that, it provides a great developer experience … Oct 15, 2021 · Feedy Tv Cast Conrda. How could he even suggest such a thing? Never would she bare the offspring of this man. Ten years after his diagnosis, the NBA's first player with multiple sclerosis is medication-free — and enjoying an odds-defying career. Baca komik Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint bahasa Indonesia komplit di Bacamanga. Dimitri (The X) dealing with a sensory overload partner. quite in depth description of torture, so beware. The ingredients are already on the table. Tae young x Reader book ~~ Oneshotsssss. Tfp : Megatron x blood-femme!Reader. “Eat this, dear,” Julietta instructed gently, handing you an arepa. • Which is good, because Tenko doesn’t want to be too close to Ouma. You tried to hold back a sob as you watched your dads holding you, or at least whatever was left of you. Please follow this link or go to www. Giving me feedback on what "Dylan honey can you please get me some more food?" She paused for a moment "like the pack of "Oh Dylan honey I *stuffes face with a mouthful of donut* know you hate to see me looking so fat but I. You beat one of the assassin’s in a fight, you were worried you got yourself into deep shit. While the great majority are harmless to humans, some can make you sick and some. Originally posted by enchantedbyhiddles. Heartbreak (Bakugou x Reader), (Shinsou x Reader) Part 2. Sneaking around your shared bedroom in the early hours of the morning, you needed to tread lightly. The Two TeddyBears (Mori x Reader) (Honey x Reader) The_Switchable_Waffle. You found him in the middle of a circle of young mutants, reading to them. The kind of shit you happen upon at like 3am or some other ungodly time because you were trying to find a fix for ur fixation at the time and you are just SUCKED IN and every sentence feels like a line of cocaine and it has quotes and imagery that permeate your brain and it's the shit that sticks around in your consciousness forever and. Lee Cheongsan x sick!gn reader. "Honey-senpai, look at this mess!". Aha, Xeha-non! I tricked you! I wasn't writing Roxas, I was writing Riku! It's about time I gave this boy some love. MASTERLIST 『Fandom』: Killing Stalking 『Character』: Oh Sangwoo 『Word Count』: 3,746 words 19,661 characters. pairing: bruce wayne x reader summary: you and bruce learn to save and comfort each other in your own unique ways. “Sick;” pairings: camilo x gn! reader. Authors Notes: This was requested to me by @igottogoonmyown , thank you for requesting!! Enjoy this fluffy Harry blurb! 🌿. Yandere Kyojuro x reader ( oneshot ) Yandere Kokushibo and Tanjiro’s reaction to reader not being able to buy a dress. i was just gonna write childe BUT then i had an idea for zhongli and then!!! i wanted to include scaramouche because i’m INSPIRED. calum would literally be so in love with her and she'd have himBy neglecting him, give him the dose of his own medicine. You can also sit in the passenger seat or lean your head against a pillow to feel less movement in the car. Although not a light sleeper, Corazon would surly wake to any loud noise – or to his son. You are the happiest girl in the world, laughing for Stephen’s excitement and his newfound memories. The tears of joy still run down your face, smudging your mascara. In fact, you need to be cuddled now, more than ever. Please don't pester us about it, though, we're trying our best to get them out quickly!. daddy!bucky x mommy!nat x little!reader x little!wanda. It was nothing new as you had been doing this every summer for the last couple of years. Pairing: F!Reader x Valkyrae Plot: Y/N and Valkyrae both started streaming at the same time and everyone started putting them against each other from that moment on. Drink: a pot of hot ginger tea with a little honey and lemon. Masky and Hoodie being Toby's adoptive parents. Add the honey and continue to whip until the honey and oil are mixed. Everyone seemed to have a question that required a long, complicated answer. Y/N POV: You had a small blush on your face as you glanced out of the window of the car. There wasn’t much to do as the rain poured outside and Tommy sat at his desk playing games with his friends and screaming into the headset. Oh, honey pie~ (Sundrop x Reader, Moondrop x Reader) SzaraDusza. — Twisted Wonderland ~Spicy~ Drabbles. 5M ratings When he is sick, she takes care of him by giving him honey and provoking him so that when he tries to catch her, he falls to the ground and then she laughs at him. Read Honeys Sick Day from the story Honey Senpai x Reader by PokemonLuverOMG ('Murica F Jones) with 5082 reads. The thought of missing the Host Club made you frown, as you loved to spend time with Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai. a bunch of X reader one shots with the hosts and other characters honey x reader (friendship) Twins x little sister! reader. I was thinking that we should go out for dinner tonight since the weather is—,” Sebastian stopped talking as soon as he saw you slouching on the bed rubbing your temples. Honeywell barcode readers are plug and play with industry-leading scan performance, making even the most difficult-to-read barcodes look good. Pokkle was contacted by the hospital and was informed that his little sister was refusing to take her medicine. Paper Bag** - MCU Cast x gn!teen!reader: You get pimples and struggle so much with your insecurity, that you end up putting a paper bag over your head to conceal your face. It's unusual for him, for he spends so much of his time teasing, bickering, and mocking those around him. Look up the meanings of words, abbreviations, phrases, and idioms in our free English. Offenderman with a lover who doesn't drink alcohol. Honey bee mandibular glands represent a clear model of caste-specific secretion. encanto agustin x reader encanto agustin x reader. You and Honey decided to have a contest on . summary: There is dried blood on his palm. The hidden disease affecting one in 10 women. Technically, it’s just a distant sequel, as Josh Gad […]. [Tadashi x Reader] (Y\n) is a troubled child. Pairings: Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes Summary: Sam finally gets to see Bucky again, but not in the way he's hoped. It's spread quickly and easily from someone who is infected. Notes: Dont want ya getting sick on me. You put your hands on your hips as a sad-eyed Honey glances at the cake he spilled on the floor. Imagines! — “Tenko x Kokichi x Reader NSFW head canons?” Pfft,. He'll make you homemade chicken noodle soup just for you. So here I am, laying in my bed, doing nothing but coughing. Sick Days [Shawn Mendes] Prompt: You’re sick and Shawn insists on coming home to take care of you. He's always good at dealing with viruses!. The Trouble with Jealousy (Levi x Reader)~Request~ This is a story that show’s Levi’s POV from the story “What Did I Do Wrong, Corporal?” I had this requested a really long time ago from StardustRoad (it’s been somewhere between 2-3 years). “Ginger root is soothing and calming and has been used for healing stomach pain . “I thought you had forgotten me,” you say. I thought as I reached for my phone on the side of my bed. Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows users to make money online by sharing their internet connection. He loves to wrap his long arms around your stomach and pull you closer to him. The Lector62x is a compact image-based code reader for the reliable detection of 1D, 2D, and stacked codes as well as plain text. The first swallow burned, but your body began to mend after the second and third. Jimin woke up as the sun was shining through the blinds. He leaves for work early because he lives far. You always had an appointment set up with your favorite boy Lolita, Honey. He doesn’t feel weird when he just looks at you for long periods because it never gets awkward. Synopsis : It’s never fun to be sick. Tom beckoned as Harrison rang the bell you had given the two to get your attention with great fervor. 🌻🐙-It was your first year at AU university. Queens and workers produce a caste-related blend of functionalized 8- and 10-carbon fatty acids, which match the queen's reproductive and the worker's non-reproductive roles in the colony (Plettner et al. A cool sensation of playful paws playing with his tail, enjoyment clear in the air, he couldn’t help but let out a small sigh and a gleeful grin. I had a little too much fun with this one so I hope you all like it :) It had been a week since Ushijima had recovered from his cold, thanks to the care of his beloved s/o that is. In fact, she almost wished it was her. sick | jj maybank x reader summary: you get sick and all jj wants is to take care of you warnings: cursing, tooth rotting fluff, mentions of getting sick and throwing up, jj being so fucking. Read Also:- Ankha Zone-Tan original video - Zone-Tan Ankha minus 8 full camel-by-camel video - Ankha zone Animal Crossing video. ” With Natasha being the sick one but still really protective over reader. ” Camilo stares at your tired and worn down form standing in the middle of the door. Request: Hello :) Can you please do a Bucky Barnes imagine where the reader has a nightmare and the avengers try to calm her down but she refuses their help and begs for Bucky since he’s the only one to make her feel calm/safe? Thank you so much! xx Words: 618 Warnings: Mention of nightmares You woke up with a start, breathing heavily. Pairings: Thor X Reader; Bucky X Reader; Thor X Reader X Bucky. The door swung open, and a body was shoved into the room, metal shackles holding their hands and feet together. takashi, ouranhighschoolhostclub, ouranhostclub. Previous Chapter | Next Chapter. Y/N: Yeah, well, you're stuck with me, and no take backs, honey. Requested by the lovely @FAFULOUS, gif’s not mine!. reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics! warnings: fluff. To avoid nausea when reading in the car, look out to a stable spot, like a building or billboard, on the horizon every few seconds. ) You call him: Handsome, Darling, My Love, and Bumblebee (No I won't explain that one I just think it is cute and that it fits him). Shooting upright, you knocked Pickett over who fell asleep on your shoulder as you fell asleep on Newt’s who fell asleep on the couch pillow. Summary: You get sick annually but this year was when it hit the worst, and the first time Wonho saw this happen to you. 🔥 Masterlist 🔥 ⭐️ Gender neutral Reader 🌸 Female Reader 🌿 Male Reader 🍋 Smut Multifandom Preferences⭐️ How they cuddle you (Brahms, Anton, Billy&Stu, Hannibal) ⭐️ Finding out that you self harm. She gently placed Izuku into a glass cage before pulling you to a back door labeled "Dogs," the Golden retriever slipping in behind you before you closed the door. Offenderman x Kagekao; Kagekao with a lover who has never watched anime before. Were the reader see Daryl working on his motorbike and asked him about iy since she really loves motorbike. Seth at Sainsbury's sells thick socks. Y es que sigo echando mucho de menos Google Reader Greennify Muy recomendada por todos lados, se instala y casi te olvidas de ella. " Blake said, taking the tea from her and sipping it . Follow/Fav Honey and Lemon- Sollux x Sick Reader. South Park - Kyle X Sick! Reader.