otc samples for healthcare professionals. *Available Bayer brand samples. The service offers 100% compliance with all industry regulations. As makers of the #1 physician-recommended enema, Fleet® is committed to product quality. We are a leading consumer healthcare company and develop and market some of the world's best. Safely used for over 50 years, simethicone (the only active ingredient in Mylicon ®) is an antifoaming agent that works in the stomach and intestines to help decrease surface tension, thus aiding the ability of gas and foam in the GI system to form into larger, more easily expelled bubbles. PRADAXA is the only NOAC with a specific reversal, available in all 50 states. Committed to providing the most up-to-date, accurate, succinct and timely medical information to US health care professionals. Try America's #1 antacid today!. Take comfort in knowing that IMODIUM ® A-D Liquid for use in children is the only over-the-counter brand anti-diarrheal that's FDA-approved for children. pH ANTASTIC! A NON-HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVE OPTION FOR YOUR PATIENTS. Soothe Lubricant Eye Ointment NIGHTTIME Dry Eye Therapy. At GSK, we help people around the world do more, feel better and live longer. Welcome US Healthcare Professionals. Healthcare Professional recommendations - Gynaecological medical lubricant. Thank you for watching the presentation about Analpram HC ® Cream 2. This site is intended for health care professionals of the United States, its territories, and. We believe in smarter healthcare, delivered by engaged providers. Thank you for your interest in Exederm products. Upon verification of your credentials, you will be added to the next scheduled shipment of Lansinoh Lanolin samples. This site is intended for Canadian healthcare professionals only. Sensodyne works by either relieving and soothing the nerve, or sealing off exposed dentine. By registering, you'll receive ongoing access to Care Pharmaceutical's healthcare professional and patient resources, free samples and conference details. We oversee programs for over-the-counter and prescription products, including controlled substances. Join the Culturelle® Healthcare Professional Program If you are a certified healthcare professional and would like to be informed of new clinical information or product studies related to Culturelle ® probiotics; or would like to be notified about patient samples – please complete and submit the following form. Free Samples for Dietitians. Drug companies provide the new and expensive medications as samples to doctors in hopes that patients will end up taking them long term. It contains the first FDA-approved, prescription-strength, retinoid acne treatment available without a prescription. Professional Med Pack If you want your staff and your patients to try Gloves In A Bottle®, please order your Med Samples Pack. In order to monitor the safety of AstraZeneca products, we encourage reporting any side effects experienced while taking an AstraZeneca product to the AZ Information Center at 1-800-236-9933. Food and drink that's cold, hot, sweet or sour, can trigger the nerve inside the tooth, causing a short, sharp shock of pain. Nestlé Health Science is a Continuing Professional Education Accredited Provider with CDR, the credentialing agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This site is published by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. From a neighborhood or school community to a network with a shared bond of life-changing experiences like a medical diagnosis, being part of a community can foster feelings of connection. Two dispensers with 25 individually wrapped cloth samples in each; Extra 50 samples to refill . Our 109,000 colleagues serve people in more than 160 countries. Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life. physicians, dentists) can provide samples of prescription drugs (as well as OTC Drug . Free samples are being sent for professional use only. For medical emergencies, please call 911. Check Eligibility and Register. *These "Uses" have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. com provides access to healthcare information tailored for a professional audience - sourced solely from the most trusted, well-respected and independent agents such as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), FDA, Truven Health Analytics, Harvard Health and Cerner Multum. Completing this form does not guarantee samples will be. See Prescribing Information above, if applicable. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic can help reduce the risk without antibiotics, improve quality of care & lower costs. * Take it at night to relieve allergies so you can have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day. Fast allergy relief from indoor and outdoor allergies is available over the counter in a 24-hour formula. Zantac 360° is formulated with the #1 doctor recommended H2 blocker*, famotidine — a highly selective and long-acting H2RA that prevents heartburn when taken as little as 15 minutes before eating or drinking and relieves heartburn fast. ⬥ By opting in to Splenda Healthcare communications, you will receive marketing and email communications from Splenda Healthcare including offers and clinical resources. Healthcare Professionals Helping you help moms and babies get the best start in their new lives To contact us about healthcare products, click here Colostrum Collection Request a Free Trial of Our Colostrum Collection Kit Primo-Lacto® is a patented product that enables closed system colostrum collection and feeding from a single container. Products · Resources · Medical Education · Samples · Find more resources to unlock the full potential of pediatric nourishment​​ · Get samples, information, and much . Professional Sample Request. What is GERD? Glossary · For Healthcare Professionals · Clinical Data · Dosing · Safety Data · Access & Savings · Samples & Support. Digestive Health Products. It’s the only medicine that treats diarrhea along with the symptoms of gas, bloating, cramps and pressure. †The AZO brand portfolio of products is the #1 Most Trusted Brand per Nielsen data through 8/6/16 and the 2016 Pharmacy Times Survey (Urinary Pain Relief, Cranberry Supplements, and Yeast Infection Prevention and Treatment). Home About Alinia Product Details FAQs Talk to Your Doctor. Samples, Coupons, and Practice Support. By accessing this site, you certify that you are a licensed practitioner authorized to prescribe, receive, and dispense the drug samples, vouchers, and/or coupons available for request. * Allegra ® provides powerful allergy relief for patients with itchy, watery eyes, itchy throat, runny nose, and sneezing. Each easy-to-open Ensure Compact bottle 1 provides 300 kcal (2. SYMBICORT is NOT a rescue medication and does NOT. The Premier Protein Sampling Program supports our mission to improve people’s lives by putting great-tasting nutrition within everyone’s reach. The OTC Practical Nursing Program prepares students to work as licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Grants Support for independent research Political Partnership Supporting like-minded organizations Working with Healthcare Professionals Collaboration to improve lives. We want you to feel secure that with YES you will be using a safe, natural and high performing product. Healthcare Professionals In a new survey of 800 parents, 98% are satisfied with Children’s Claritin®* *Based on a survey in which 800 parents of children were asked to rate the important factors in choosing an OTC allergy medication for their children aged 2-12, and how well Children's Claritin® met those needs. The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics defines "probiotics" as "live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host" []. Join the Thousands of Health professionals that recommend tummydrops for their patients. We've sent you an email with a link to update your password. Cleaning is an everyday activity that demands an. MUCINEX® Children’s Multi-Symptom Cold (Liquid) - Very Berry. Healthcare providers and patients should report all cases of pregnancy to FDA MedWatch at 1-800-FDA-1088, and the Qsymia Pregnancy Surveillance Program at 1-888-998-4887. AZO’s Full Line of Urinary and Bladder Health Products. REFRESH OPTIVE MEGA-3 ® is a preservative-free formula with CMC, Flaxseed Oil (inactive ingredient), and HydroCell ™ technology. Trulicity ® (dulaglutide) injection. For Healthcare Professionals Nutritional resources and savings for your practice From planning to pregnancy to post-natal nutrition, the OB Complete ® family of products provides trusted formulations with essential nutrients to support your patients. Help break your patients' itch-scratch cycle with Gold Bond Ultimate® eczema relief skin protectant creams and lotion. AstraZeneca Coupons For US Healthcare Professionals. Samples for Healthcare Professionals. This product is eligible for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Resulting from the CARES Act recently passed by congress, you can now use your FSA and HSA tax-preferred savings account to purchase certain OTC products such as Flonase, Nicorette, Nicoderm, Advil, Voltaren, and Denture Care Products. 5%For your patient’s hemorrhoids. Home Health Care Professionals Healthcare Professionals: Request Oscillo ® Samples. Read our tips on how to avoid diarrhea symptoms while on vacation. As the only advancement in over-the-counter acne treatment ingredients for over three decades, Differin Gel for clearing and preventing acne also represents a milestone for adult acne sufferers. Tough on acne for clear and balanced skin. See how Nasacort can help you stop stuffering from nasal allergy congestion. of healthcare professionals surveyed said self care was important during the pandemic (Imperial College Self Care Academic Research Unit) OTC directory (for healthcare professionals) PAGB's OTC Directory, a detailed guide to consumer healthcare products for health professionals, is available online. If you are not a Healthcare Professional and would like to learn more about Omeclamox ®-Pak, please consult your Doctor. Please confirm you are a healthcare professional before proceeding: Yes, I am a healthcare professional; No, I am NOT a healthcare professional. Nix® For Health Care Professionals Nix® For Health Care Professionals. Ensure Compact is available in 4 delicious flavours; banana, café latte, strawberry and vanilla. This policy is to clarify the labelling requirements for professional samples of drugs. Questions or comments? Please call our Customer Care Center for Healthcare Professionals at 1-866-948-6883. on Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel 1. Tinea (commonly called "ringworm") spreads easily between people and animals. Transmission also occurs via fomites. When it does, patients want relief they can trust. Request Samples Attention: The page you are about to view is intended for Healthcare Professionals. Clinical report—fever and antipyretic use in children. REQUEST ALINIA (nitazoxanide) Tablets 500 mg SAMPLES. If you are looking to land a few samples for your practice, keep in mind that drug manufacturers will only deliver samples of …. Give your patients the support and symptom relief they need. 888-493-4682 (888-4-ZEG-OTC) If you want to report an adverse side effect or quality complaint, please contact your healthcare professional (e. MUCINEX® (Extended-release Bi-layer Tablets) MUCINEX® DM (Extended-release Bi-layer Tablets) MUCINEX® D (Extended-release Bi-layer Tablets) Maximum Strength MUCINEX®. healthcare professional •Test performed by laboratorian. Supplies are limited so sign up now! Only one order per household allowed. Maximum Strength MUCINEX® Sinus-Max® Severe Congestion & Pain (Caplets) Maximum Strength MUCINEX® Sinus-Max® Pressure, Pain & Cough (Liquid Gels) MUCINEX® Nightshift Cold & Flu (Liquid) MUCINEX® Nightshift Sinus (Liquid) MUCINEX® Children's Cough (Liquid) - Cherry Flavor. Phazyme® comes in 500mg, 250mg and 180mg strengths. Email Signup for Healthcare Professionals. For Healthcare Professionals Only. To complete your sample request: Fill out the form below. By clicking "Continue," you will leave this site and enter TakedaMedConnect. Choose your preferred samples and quantities, and then tap or click "Next. •FDA has also approved OTC sample collection kits for: – HCV – HIV. Health Care Professional Sample Requests ColdCalm® is specially formulated to address all symptoms at every stage of the cold from beginning to end. 0263 (the lower-bound average decay rate for samples stored in. Learn more about how Novartis is reimagining medicine. As an over-thecounter FDA listed homeopathic medicine, our Colic Calm (NDC Number: 0295-9028-12) and Colic Calm Plus (NDC Number: 0295-9047-12) are a safe and gentle alternative, without the side-effects or cost of prescription drugs. If you believe you have experienced a side effect associated with the use of our product, you should contact your healthcare professional. Our FDA and PDMA-compliant systems allow clients to maintain a high level of sampling activity with the. Request product samples for DUEXIS® (ibuprofen and famotidine), PENNSAID® (diclofenac sodium topical solution) 2%, or RAYOS® (prednisone) delayed-release . Fill out the form to order a batch. Xyzal is the latest in OTC allergy relief. That's why we are proud to offer product information, clinical data and sampling opportunities for the products listed below. OneADay, for example, sends healthcare professionals sample prenatal vitamins. Please select how frequently you recommend meal replacement / high protein products (shakes, powders or bars) to patients or clients. It should be noted that lansoprazole 15 mg is the same formulation as Prevacid24HR2. Fill out the form and we’ll send you a free 5-day sample of Xyzal Allergy 24hr. P&G partners with leading Healthcare Professionals and scientists to develop breakthrough products that help improve the quality of patients' lives. Order your BundleBox every month to get free samples, resources, and coupons from up to 9. For Isabelle and Garrett’s families, connecting to others living with a rare disease …. helps patients get comfortable. Otc Samples For Healthcare Professionals - A month's worth of pills is available from wholesalers for less than $20. 3-6 † 1-hour postdose FEV 1 for COPD and 2-hour postdose FEV 1 for asthma. Opcon-A Antihistamine and Redness Reliever Eye Drops. Prilosec OTC for Professionals: Healthcare professionals can find helpful information on Prilosec OTC, as well as valuable patient education resources. We are verifying your order and will send you an email within 3-5 business days when your kit has shipped. Healthcare Professionals In a new survey of 800 parents, 98% are satisfied with Children's Claritin®* *Based on a survey in which 800 parents of children were asked to rate the important factors in choosing an OTC allergy medication for their children aged 2-12, and how well Children's Claritin® met those needs. If you are a certified healthcare professional and would like to be informed of new clinical information or product studies related to Culturelle ® probiotics; or would like to be notified about patient samples - please complete and submit the following form. FREE Executive Brief: Dilemma of Contact Precautions. Category: Nutrition Show Health. Bone marrow tests can be done in a hospital or doctor's office or clinic. We are delighted in all our customer feedback and mentions in the media, and now our reputation has extended into the professional and medical markets. Thank you for ordering an Evenflo Feeding Tool Kit. Implicit bias in healthcare professionals: a systematic. Medical professionals nationwide work with Curist to provide high-quality, low-cost relief to . ColdCalm’s formula contains homeopathic medicines that relieve cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and minor sore throat pain. Miralax samples for healthcare professionals. A History of Safe and Reliable Products. Order samples, download exclusive resources, and more. There are certain watershed moments in every person's life that propel them to find a community. MMM and Much More is committed to being at the forefront of developing proprietary technologies to improve care quality and strengthen patient-provider relationships. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802 (417) 447-7500. Majority of patients' FEV 1 † improvement occurred at 5 minutes in COPD and 15 minutes in asthma 1,3-6. Pharmaceutical Account Manager Resume Examples & Samples. Nurse practitioners may register online to have samples of these products delivered to an office address. treat pain, swelling, burning, itching, and discomfort. Zantac 360° Maximum Strength should be taken as directed. We offer sample boxes of Balneol to allow your patients a chance to try it before purchasing. Align Probiotic is the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic brand. Save on Arthritis Pain Relief with Voltaren Samples & Coupons. Delsym® has a full line of cough medicine products for both adults and children. If you are looking to land a few samples for your practice, keep in mind that drug manufacturers will only deliver samples of OTC products to your doorstep. Novartis Oncology for Health Care Professionals. -- select a designation -- MD DO DPM NP PA OTHER. The interactions between multiple patient characteristics and between healthcare professional and patient characteristics reveal the complexity of the phenomenon of implicit bias and its influence on clinician-patient interaction. **C, K, CK, and X are homeopathic dilutions. Giving you a non-drowsy allergy medicine that will help you stop the stuffering — and start living. Systemic exposure to acyclovir and hydrocortisone following topical administration is minimal. com offers samples, clinical studies, and guidelines information, all beneficial to medical professionals. Fill out the form and we'll send you a free 5-day sample of Xyzal Allergy 24hr. Medical professionals nationwide work with Curist to provide high-quality, low-cost relief to patients. Humans and animals can also be non-symptomatic carriers and can spread tinea to others. , physician or pharmacist) or your local health authority. P&G Health Samples allows healthcare professionals to request free samples of Align, Metamucil, and Prilosec OTC in one visit. Click below to see if you are currently eligible to receive samples of BI products. Please call (973) 882-7512 ext 518 to request samples. RYBELSUS® (semaglutide) tablets 3 mg. XERESE (acyclovir and hydrocortisone) cream 5%/1% is intended for cutaneous use only, on the lips and around the mouth. MiraLAX ® is a laxative that provides effective, gentle relief from occasional constipation by working naturally with the water in your body to hydrate, soften and ease, unblocking your system. AZO products help with UTI pain relief, infection control, urinary tract protection, UTI detection and bladder control. If you’re a healthcare provider, you can request samples of Advil for your patients, find coupons, and access data and other helpful resources here. Browse through our extensive list of forms and find the right one for your needs. Akeso Health Sciences' MigreLief line of products contains an advanced combination of clinically studied ingredients in clinical doses. With twice daily brushing, Sensodyne helps to prevent sensitivity coming back. By clicking REGISTER, I understand that the personal data provided in this registration form will be used to grant access to the Nestlé Health Hub. Product is not tested on animals and is formulated without NSAIDs. otc samples for healthcare professionals Best Quality and EXTRA LOW PRICES, professionals healthcare samples otc for. MiraLAX®, FDA-approved as an OTC treatment for the relief of constipation for over 10 years. LPNs care for patients by checking their vital signs, helping them dress themselves and collecting bodily samples. Check here if you want plant-based samples only. Our mission is to work with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to lower out-of-pocket healthcare costs for their patients, our customers. Download (docx, 37 KB) OTC Position Statement template letter March 17 v5. Phillips'® Colon Health® Probiotic helps defend against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. As a health care professional, you may request samples for your patients to try by completing the form below or by calling 1-866-767-7411, option 1. Order Samples & Coupons Please ensure you are logged into your account, then select the samples you would like to order and click continue. Patient FSA / HSA Eligible Product. although certain health care professionals (e. Launch the Novo Nordisk Sample Portal and if prompted, sign in with your novoMEDLINK™ account. Alternatively, you can report any side effects of prescription drugs directly to the FDA. Be among the first to hear about new Zarbee's® products and samples. Promotional items are available through the online toolkit (opens in a new tab). Free Xyzal Adult Allergy Relief Solution Thanks Scott New offer. 800-647-2529 (800-MiraLAX) Zegerid OTC ®. Medical Professionals Request Patient Materials Upon submission of your Professional Samples Request, your office will be shipped 12 Luvena individual samples within 21 days. Saxenda ® (liraglutide) injection 3 mg is indicated as an adjunct to a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity for chronic weight management in:. Forty-five percent of overweight Americans and 67. Your healthcare provider should check your heart rate while you take Qsymia. So sign up today to order your patient samples of Culturelle® Digestive Health and Culturelle® Kids Daily Probiotics. You will lie on your side or stomach or back, depending on where your provider obtains the samples from. Tinea can also spread from one part of the body to another (for example, a patient with tinea pedis can go on to develop tinea cruris). Biofreeze comes in a variety of formats, well suited for application on small and large muscle areas. You may be awake for your test and may be given medicine to relax you during the test. 0 2021-03 Risks to a patient of a false negative test result include: delayed or lack of supportive treatment, lack of. Here we'll guide you to the very best prices available today. (Tell them to look for it in the hemorrhoid care section!) If you would like to receive samples (20 pks/box) and coupons to share with your patients, please submit your information below:. Effective ingredients, real results. Pataday® allergy eye drops give Rx-strength relief for the treatment of ocular itching; available over the counter in 0. Differin ® Gel has the first active ingredient in the over-the-counter acne category in over 30 years: adapalene 0. What You Get — You'll receive free Listerine patient samples and dental hygiene patient education resources to help you provide the best level of support to your patients. Gain exclusive access to new educational materials for your patients and your practice. in choosing an OTC allergy medication for their children aged 2-12, . * ‡ Among Gastroenterologists who recommended a brand of probiotic in a ProVoice 2008-2021 survey. If you have additional questions regarding this order, please click here to contact customer service. Sample Request for Medical Professionals NASAL • SINUS • ALLERGY • COLD • HAY FEVER Please check desired products you would like to receive Free Samples of. What comes in a BundleBox? More than you can imagine. However, you can order a Custom Sample of up to 100 up-to-date records with a specific type of healthcare provider, and/or a specific geographic area, for $250, refundable with the purchase of a quarterly or monthly subscription to a CarePrecise Product listed here. Published on 06 April 2017 Modified on 10 June 2019 1491 downloads. To complete your sample request: Fill out the form below; Click the “Request Samples” button; You will be taken to . Healthcare professionals, learn about the benefits of Align probiotics here. Phillips'® Laxative Caplets work with your body's natural process to relieve occasional constipation without cramping. In some locations, state law may prohibit healthcare providers from receiving medication samples. Option 2 Request Medical or Product Information. Only you and your health care professional can decide if NEXIUM is right for you. MySampleCloset is a website built and maintained by J. Medical Samples (previously Article 16), and requiring implementation in from Pharmaceutical Companies to Healthcare Professionals and . Talk to your doctor about getting samples of Advil. If you are a health care professional affiliated with an employer, institution or committee, or practicing in a state that restricts what items you may receive from manufacturers, we ask that you do not accept or download any restricted items from this site. Complete this form to register for free product samples of Bayer® Aspirin, MiraLAX®, One A Day®, Aleve® and Claritin® for your patients from Bayer Consumer Health. We can all get struck by stomach flu when traveling. View the Natural Acne Solutions line. Submit a request to meet with a Takeda representative, request DEXILANT (dexlansoprazole) samples, and find insurance coverage by ZIP code. Products included in BundleBox are professional samples intended to be distributed to patients and used as directed. You should always consult a physician for diagnosing and treating a health or medical problem, and before using any drug product discussed on this site. See full safety and prescribing information. Samples are available to prescribers only. Tresiba® FlexTouch ® (insulin degludec injection) 100 U/mL. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. The information you submit will be governed by our privacy policy. Contact Us · Sitemap · Accessibility · Acceptable Use Policy · Terms Of Use · Privacy Notice . Healthcare Professionals Healthcare Professionals. Florajen® Probiotics help restore the good flora and maintain the natural microbial balance the body needs to stay healthy. If you’re an eligible healthcare professional, you can request prescription drug samples for your patients. NURTURING HUMAN HEALTH, TOGETHER. Order Free Patient Samples Request Free Samples to help your patients experience the products behind beautiful, healthy skin from brands you know and trust. This fact sheet provides information on weight-loss dietary supplements *, including summaries of research on the safety and efficacy of several of the most commonly used ingredients in these products. Although head lice do not cause medical problems, infestations can lead to concern among parents as well as embarrassment, social stigma, and missed school days among kids. Evidence shows nasal bacteria are a primary component in the spread of infection. Helpful Infant Feeding Articles. Tresiba® FlexTouch ® (insulin degludec injection) 200 U/mL. on any ONE (1) Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel 3. Sevigny has provided the following formula for calculating decay of THC: THC 0 = THC a / e-(k)(t) where THC 0 is the unknown initial concentration of THC, THC a is the assayed concentration of THC, k is the decay rate constant which can vary according to two conditions: k = 0. OTC UTI Pain Relief & Prevention Supplements. § Protein per 8 fl oz: Ensure Plus = 16 g vs Ensure Original = 9 g. Samples raise healthcare costs by promoting the the use of expensive products. Citracal offers sample calcium supplement products. , McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division. This cream is for the symptomatic relief of Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Psoriasis and. Download nasal decolonization white papers. For example, sample medications may be placed in. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact AstraZeneca at 1-800-236-9933 , Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM ET, excluding holidays. Be certain you provide Clinic Name (“Company” field) and Phone Number (“Business Phone” field) exactly as you want it to be printed on the card. Every day, medical professionals hold the health of others in their dependable hands. is your complete source for infection control, first aid, OTC, and personal care products. Categories of covered OTC items include generic and brand name products for allergy, sinus, cold and flu; pain relief; home health care and . For a reader-friendly overview of Probiotics, see our consumer fact sheet on Probiotics. Ordering Pfizer samples online is simple and quick. Why are OTC Diagnostics for Infectious. Free Biofreeze Samples for Healthcare Professionals. Safe and Effective OTC Solutions. Here healthcare professionals can learn more about our products, find helpful resources on infant colic, and request coupons and samples for your office. Healthcare professionals play a key role in signposting to the Healthy Start online application and promoting the free Healthy Start vitamins. If you do not see the product you are interested in listed below, please reach out to your local representative by clicking here. To receive your complimentary samples please login or create an account. We look forward to hearing from you! All Physicians in Practice. patients by improving access to products and therapies prescribed by their healthcare providers. Sullivan JE, Farrar HC, Section on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and Committee on Drugs. At Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, we are uniquely positioned to help improve personal health by delivering products that are rooted in science and endorsed by professionals. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory *. Healthcare Professional Information. Labels must contain the information described below; however, the method of labeling the medications may vary. Novo Nordisk provides complimentary prescription medicine samples to eligible practitioners for appropriate patients. This site is intended for use by licensed practitioners only. Resources may contain information about doses, uses, formulations and populations different from product labeling. Call 1-855-54BL-OTC (1-855-542-5682) to get a tearpad of 25 pages of coupons for your patients looking to purchase LUMIFY at national retailers. Patented formulas feature HydroCell ™ technology which enables hydration and maintains the volume of cells on the ocular surface. Omega-3s (plant-based ALA) Antioxidants (vitamins C and E and selenium) 3g of fiber. This includes 12 hour products which provide long lasting cough relief with every dose, and Cough+ products which relieve cough as well as other cold symptoms. Welcome to Everidis Health Sciences Health Care Professionals. You will be taken to our secure DocuSign ® portal where you will sign and complete the request form. To show our support, we will be donating over 250,000 CeraVe products to hospitals and medical centers to offer skincare as a small. Get samples with attached informational sheet that is personalized with your clinic name and phone number. documentPatient Letter: Prescribing Of OTC Medication. It comes in a variety of kid-friendly flavors and forms to relieve allergy symptoms, so that the kids can spend more time playing and less time sneezing. Questions or comments? Call our Customer Care Center for Healthcare Professionals at 1-866-948-6883. Health & Safety; Human Rights Furthering dignity and worth Intellectual Property The benefits of fair competition Programs & Policies. a Samples for other therapeutic areas may also be available. Multiple brands are available on one platform, which features an authenticated and touchless prescriber eSignature process for sample requests. AZO's Full Line of Urinary and Bladder Health Products. Adult patients with an initial body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m 2 or greater (obese) or 27 kg/m 2 or greater (overweight) in the presence of at least one weight-related comorbid condition (eg, hypertension, type 2. Eligible health care professionals can order Pfizer prescription drug samples for their patients in three easy steps. Please note, you must provide valid HCP information to be eligible for this program. Please note that this sample request form is for Canadian health care professionals only. Medical Reports Tummy Calm is a gripe water alternative developed specifically for the treatment of infant gas, upset stomach and conditions related to colic. FACT SHEET FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS Cue Health Inc. Dove Samples For Healthcare Professionals - A month's worth of pills is available from wholesalers for less than $20. If you're a medical practitioner and often see patients with skin problems, we'd be delighted to send a pack of samples of our Irritable Skin Balm to your practice for any patients that you think may benefit. RB is committed to helping you help your patients by providing useful resources for your practice, educational materials for your patients, and product samples for your office. Click the "Request Samples" button. The information contained on Takeda MedConnect is intended for U. | 1-800-482-4464 | 7100 Tec Labs Way SW, Albany, OR 97321. Coupon tearpads are only reimbursable at a retail store. Schiller LR, Emmett M, Santa Ana CA, Fordtran JS. Choose your medication samples. In clinical trials, the most common adverse reactions (>2% of patients taking PLENVU) were nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and abdominal pain/discomfort. Sample allocation is subject to the availability and appropriateness of the requesting entity. Samples of drugs given to physicians, veterinary surgeons, dentists and pharmacists and intended for subsequent distribution to the consulting patient (or animal) must be labelled with all directions required for safe and. §Fortifies your digestive system 24/7 with continued daily use. Advanced Eye Relief Dry Eye Lubricant Eye Drops. Healthcare professionals are among the most vital sources of information for their patients. As part of a fast-moving segment of healthcare, we move with speed to keep the pace with our consumers and deliver meaningful solutions. healthcare professional sample program Our free Healthcare Sample Program provides healthcare professionals and sex educators with boxes of 50 foil-packed product samples of our top-selling products, allowing your patients, students, or outreach recipients to test which formula works best for them with the use of product samples. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to verify the request, assemble and deliver the package. Contraindications: ProAir RespiClick is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to albuterol or patients with a severe hypersensitivity to milk proteins. More PPIs are becoming available over-the-counter (OTC), so it's important for healthcare professionals to have accurate information and know how OTC products compare to the original Rx PPI. Request product samples for DUEXIS® (ibuprofen and famotidine), PENNSAID® (diclofenac sodium topical solution) 2%, or RAYOS® (prednisone) delayed-release tablets. Phillips'® Milk of Magnesia offers cramp-free, gentle relief from constipation without harsh stimulants. Do not take by mouth or use in. Option 4 Learn About Patient Assistance Programs. Active ingredient: miconazole nitrate (2%) Inactive Ingredients: bensoic acid, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, polysorbate 60, potassium hydroxide, propylene glycol, purified water, stearyl alcohol. See which products meet your patients' needs. The Evenflo Feeding Tool Kit is only for use by Medical Professionals. Survey of 672 consumers, August 2017, Bayer Consumer Health. At P&G, we understand the unique bond between patients and Healthcare Professionals, and how patients rely on you for product information, clinical data and recommendations. † It starts working in one hour and doesn't cause drowsiness. To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Salix Pharmaceuticals at 1-800-321-4576 or FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www. If you’d like to order free medicine samples for your medical practice, please contact us via the form below, or send us the requested information: fill out the form below. Confirm your preferences, provide a digital signature and tap or click "Next. Get answers to medical questions and access to Lilly scientific resources. There are certain watershed moments in every person’s life that propel them to find a community. or would like to be notified about patient samples and coupon programs ‡ Nielsen xAOC 52 weeks ending 02/26/2022 and #1 Pharmacist recommended menopause brand based on Pharmacy Times OTC Survey, 2021. More than two-third of adults and almost one-third of children and adolescents in the United States are overweight or obese [1,2]. , McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, which is solely responsible for its contents. We partner with healthcare professionals worldwide to offer the most trusted names in nutrition products for every stage of life—from nourishing infants and new moms for a healthier start, to providing active adults with the vitamins and minerals they need to perform their best, to meeting the distinct nutritional needs of people with acute or chronic. Colic Calm is a unique gripe water developed specifically for the treatment of infant colic, gas and upset stomach. PLEASE NOTE: 15 Samples will be sent per . Learn how all® free clear was proven to be the mildest sensitive skin laundry detergent. Use 2 times daily for up to 7 days, as needed. Applications and forms for health care professionals in the Aetna network and their patients can be found here. * How many Health Care Providers work at this location? * How many patients visit this location per week? < 50 50 - 100 100 - 150 > 150 Percentage of your patients that schedule appointments for: * Reproductive Health. The #Doctor will be the next killer who will have an update of power and addons. Help your patients find relief today. It contains the first FDA-approved, prescription-strength. Option 3 Submit a Product Quality Complaint. That's why it's the #1 allergist recommended non-drowsy OTC antihistamine brand. Ensure ® hasnutrients *for immunesystem support. Samples are generally for the newest medications on the market, therefore the most expensive. Access Pfizer Canada Medical Information here or call 1-800-463-6001. Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions regimen is tough on acne but gentle on skin, with naturally derived salicylic acid and smoothing cica, leaving patients with healthy-looking, clear complexions. As a single-ingredient medicine that contains 30 mg of pseudoephedrine, SUDAFED ® Congestion may be a better option for certain. The evidence indicates that healthcare professionals exhibit the same levels of implicit bias as the wider population. PRIORITY is given to requests with business email addresses (it makes our verification process easier). Learn more about AVEENO® - dermatologist recommended brand for over 65 years. Unlike oral OTC antihistamines, Nasacort works at the source* to relieve nasal allergy congestion for 24 hours. There is limited research on their use or impact on health care providers and . FLONASE SENSMIST Allergy Relief. Upon verification, healthcare professionals have access to Eli Lilly product information and professional resources. Prilosec OTC's label includes detailed guidelines for using it to treat chronic heartburn. *For more information about NEA Seal of Acceptance please see disclaimers. An additional $12 million in products and services will be donated on the National Day of Service on May 21st and more than 200,000 masks have been donated to local hospitals in New Jersey to help protect the lives of healthcare professionals. Learn about the beloved Prestige Consumer Healthcare, Inc. This is a fact sheet intended for health professionals. Order your BundleBox every month to get free samples, resources, and coupons from up to 9 well-known pediatric brands. Qsymia can increase your heart rate at rest. HydroCell ™ technology is our proprietary NaCl-free, glycerin-based solution that enables hydration and maintains the volume of cells on the ocular surface. So when you experience discomforts like sensitive teeth, colds and flu or joint pain, we are here to help you enjoy life to the full again. Patients can get started on treatment right in your office. The original OTC urinary pain reliever with a dual-action formula that not only eases the pain caused by a UTI, but also contains an antibacterial to help keep the infection from getting worse while you wait for your doctor's appointment. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Healthcare professionals can order samples, learn more about Aleve® products, and read about studies, guidelines, and safety. *Available while supplies last. A NON-HORMONAL PRESCRIPTION CONTRACEPTIVE VAGINAL GEL THAT'S USED IN THE MOMENT. Curist Drug Samples For Doctors, Nurses & Medical Offices. Looking For a Poise ® Impressa ® Sample?. March 5, 2021 Disease 2019 Cue COVID. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 3 Mar 2022), Cerner Multum™ (updated 25 Mar 2022), ASHP (updated 17 Feb 2022. With 2% colloidal oatmeal, eczema relief skin protectant creams and lotion help temporarily relieve, soothe, and protect affected skin. First Name* Last Name* Email* NPI#* City* Intended only for Healthcare Professionals of the United States of America. While we don't offer free samples of Poise ® Impressa ® Bladder Supports, you can still try by purchasing a sizing kit here. Constipation can occur for a variety of reasons and affect people of all ages. Professional Sample Request Help your patients do better with UNJURY brand products; order Professional Samples today. Antibiotics don't discriminate between good and bad bacteria. Section 14 of the Food and Drugs Act previously prohibited the distribution of drugs as samples other than to physicians, dentists, . Prilosec OTC Heartburn Medicine Info for Healthcare Professionals. Pfizer samples are tailored to your specialty * STEP 2 Browse. * Take it at night to relieve allergies so you can have a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day. In this portal, you will find a variety of educational resources, including best practices on Nutrition management, information and clinical evidence for our products. The Medimetriks Online Sample Request System Is Currently Unavailable. ColdCalm's formula contains homeopathic medicines that relieve cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and minor sore throat pain. The #1 Brand Choice for Effective, Gentle Occasional Constipation Relief. That's why millions of Americans have turned to laxative products from Fleet Laboratories® for more than 145 years. Huggies ® has been helping parents provide love, care and reassurance to their babies for over 40 years. If you’re a medical practitioner and often see patients with skin problems, we‘d be delighted to send a pack of samples of our Irritable Skin Balm to your practice for any patients that you think may benefit. com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Biofreeze applies easily for penetrating pain relief to body parts such as the back, neck, shoulder, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, foot, and ankle. Ensure Enlive has essential nutrients that support muscle, bone, heart, immunity and digestive health, including: 1. Please apply below to enroll in our Lanolin Sample Program for healthcare providers to receive Lanolin samples for your patients as well as news, information, and special offers. The Science Behind Happierdermis. Download a summary of our clinical review paper to learn more. In this proposed rule, FDA proposes the establishment of a monograph for OTC health care antiseptics that are intended for use by health care professionals in a hospital setting or other health care situations outside the hospital, but that are not identified as "first aid antiseptics" in the 1991 First Aid TFM. Subscribe and get only new Free Stuff and Free Samples faster and more reliably!. If you're an eligible healthcare professional, you can request prescription drug samples for your patients. How often would you like to receive samples? Thank you, please expect the samples to arrive in 1-4 weeks. Features the DUAL ACTION of a topical anesthetic and a proven anti-inflammatory agent. Trademarks are owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies. ‡ Ensure Plus now contains 16 g of protein vs 13 g in previous formulation. GLOPERBA: Designed to prevent gout flares and facilitate simple titration Comorbidities are a fact of life in gout. Ultimate strength Phazyme® 500mg is the strongest dosage available in 1 pill available over the counter. Available in multidose, multidose preservative-free, unit dose preservative-free, and a formula. Our consumer healthcare products. Bonafide® provides women with naturally powerful remedies for the natural symptoms that occur throughout their lives - from PMS to menopause and everything else along the away. By continuing you are confirming that you are a Healthcare Professional. The Nestlé Medical Hub is a free resource center, built exclusively for Healthcare Professionals, to support their everyday practice and their professional development journey. Credentials subject to verification on all requests. †† Based on more than 1,612 Align user reviews from alignprobiotics. GSK is happy to offer complimentary samples to validated dental and medical healthcare professionals. If eligible, follow the simple registration steps and then make your sample requests. Products include Align probiotics, Metamucil fiber supplement, and Prilosec OTC for reflux relief. Develop customer management strategies. Select Location and Language: United States of America (English) United States of America (Español) Canada (English) If you’re a healthcare provider, you can request samples of Advil for your patients, find coupons, and access data and other helpful resources here. treatment or recommendations of a health care professional. Our portfolio of life-changing technologies spans the spectrum of healthcare, with leading businesses and products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and branded generic medicines. For instance, the tested formulation in the study is lansoprazole 15 mg. Visit our Virtual Congress Hub. If you continue to experience issues, please contact our Customer Care Center for Healthcare Professionals at 1-866-948-6883 (Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 4:30 PM EST). Their dedication to supporting, protecting and caring for patients makes a daily differenceand also takes a daily toll. License numbers and addresses will be verified prior to shipping. Prilosec OTC tablets are used to treat chronic heartburn, which is described as heartburn that occurs twice or more per week. RB is committed to helping you help your patients by providing useful resources for your practice, educational materials for your patients, and product samples . This site is intended for health care professionals of the United States, its territories, and Puerto Rico. Always read and follow label directions. 20 JJPLA 0996 J&J UnBoxing Video Fine Cut v5. Whether you've received samples in the past and your supply has run low, or if you've never received samples before, please fill out the form below to request your free professional samples. Healthcare Professionals; Products. This cream is for the symptomatic relief of Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Psoriasis and over the years has built an excellent reputation. AZO: Trusted OTC Products for Your Patients’ Urinary and Bladder Health. They generally work under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses (RNs). I agree to receive information from Nestlé Health Science including new webinars, studies, articles, educational resources and more. If you would like to receive samples of Avion products, please fill out the sample request form below. The #1 selling hemorrhoid brand*. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Be certain you provide Clinic Name (“Company” field) and Phone Number (“Business …. Request Samples Order Pfizer samples in 3 easy steps. 1 Famotidine selectively targets and blocks H2 receptors on parietal cells in the stomach to decrease gastric acid. The #1 pediatrician-recommended non-drowsy oral OTC allergy brand. If you continue to experience issues, please contact our Customer Care Center for Healthcare Professionals at 1-866-948-6883 (Monday through Friday, . Click here to order patient samples, review our clinical data & get product information.