rep weave on 4 shafts. Warp rep involves a densely sett warp; this pattern has 390 warp ends and is not a quick design to warp, but a very quick design to weave. Articles in this book include: "Drafting 4-Shaft Overshot", Weft Face Plain Weave, Two-way Rep Cord, Patterned Stripes on Plain Weave, . The Handweaver's Pattern DirectoryOver 600 Weaves for 4-Shaft Looms By: Anne . The graphics are of the highest quality. Warp rep is threaded on pairs of shafts, each pair weaves plain weave. I wove this fabric on 4 shafts; the more shafts used, the deeper the cells will be. TRADITIONAL REP WEAVE Traditional rep weave uses fine warp threads that completely cover the weft and often uses only two colors. I figured that for summer & winter, since it's also a tied weave with a thick pattern weft, I should do the same with the 5/2. Now to weave the aqua layer on the bottom, lift the entire white layer plus shaft 1 of aqua. Checked Fabric; 8/2 cotton warp and cotton rags weft. Ravelry: Warped Weavers discussion topic - What "WEAVING" related thing are you doing today This versatile 4-shaft draft creates a pattern of little boxes and is one of my long-time favourites. A beautiful block pattern to be woven on four shafts. This is the limiting factor in creating design. With four blocks on four shafts, when you want block A to weave you have to choose whether its 'pair' (or shadow) will be block D or block B. Tue 19 Jul, 9:00 AM - Thu 21, 4:30 PM [EDT]: Lucienne Coifman 3-Day Workshop In this workshop, explore both classic and non-traditional methods of rep weaving. Benefits of using all 4: Some looms work better when all 4 shafts are used. Doubleweave is a fascinating and versatile structure. Join our Treasury of Towels Kit Of-The-Month Club! * Handwoven's Design Collection #18: A Treasury of Towels available from Long Thread Media for warping and weaving instructions. The weaving police won’t come for you if you do it differently! Promise! Rep weave is on the menu! Sometimes, a girl just needs (2) shuttles! Rep weave typically has a very geometric feel to it. All blankets have the same Gist Beam Natural warp, and the weft yarns are: Gist Beam in Dandelion, Lighthouse single sock blank, and Flaxen Silk Fine in Magician. ” Handwoven, September/October, 2000, pp. This works in the inverse of how we’ve been writing weaving simulation programs so far. So, if you have four shafts, you can divide them notionally into two sets with two shafts in each set. First lift shaft two, pass the boat shuttle through, then lift shaft four. Then there's Shadow Weave, (which I'm not showing because I haven't yet woven a sample). Jennifer J - Rep Weave placemats (before cutting and hemming), . Weavers will choose in advance one of several different weaving drafts for this workshop using 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms, and may choose to design their own . Tie the blank squares to lower shafts for counterbalance looms. Crackle Weave Part 1 Designing With Blocks And Motifs. Rag weave bags, Mary Poppins bag, Table runner. Handwoven Presents: Summer Weaving Pattern Pack – Long Thread. Rep weave, cotton, wool https://www. Detailed Weaving Book/Video Descriptions. Pass the boat shuttle through and then lift shafts 2 and 4 plus shaft 3 of the aqua. If you would weave this on a proper four harness loom, you would follow this sequence for pattern 1 (first half of the green in the picture above): 1 and 2 up. A wonderful project for learning about rep weave, in which closely spaced warps are woven in plain weave with alternating thick and thin wefts. ANDEAN WEAVING ON A 4-SHAFT LOOM WITH DIRECT TIE-UP BOOK 2. Every 4-shaft weaving pattern comes with a weaving draft, which is shown in the PDF pattern, and also delivered as a. shafts, tie the blank squares to lower shafts and the numbered squares to raise them when you are working with countermarch looms; see Figure 4. The Weaving a Ribbon Heart project can be woven by an experienced weaver using a simple table loom (4 or 8 shafts), or a drawloom that has 20 or more draw shafts. CONTENTS Runner in Four-Shaft, Four-Block Double weave Jean Scorgie with Gloria Martin Table Runner with Twill and Leno Borders Linda Ligon. Waffle weave is created with a point-twill threading pattern. In this method, the th reads in each block are threaded as far apart as possible. I am interested in exploring other combinations. Deborah Silver Break out of blocks with split-shed weaving. As shown above, use glue and some thick strong yarn/twine to make a stopper near the end of the bar. Below is a draft for a 4-shafts version. In this workshop, students will learn to weave multiple combinations of weave structures using only four shafts and a straight threading. Others are overshot, crackle and shadow weave. It's recommended sett is 18-24 so I used 15. Open rep is a technique that allows the weft to show, as well as the warp. Spring 2008 Weaving Challenge 4:. اخبار و مقالات weaving on a 4 shaft table loom. 4 shafts 2 treadles 514 ends 57 cm wide in reed 22/2 cottolin. Treasury of Towels Club ~ 4 Shaft Weaving. Use the theory and technique of Scandinavian rep weave or (Swedish ripsmatta) in this 3-day round-robin workshop for weavers of all levels. Ask Madelyn: Yarns and Setts for Rep Weave. These patterns are available as part of the new Weaving. In order to deal with a very dense warp, twice as many shafts as needed for . I have looked through warp rep projects in the last 15 years of Handwoven. When weaving, you would raise shafts 1 & 3 for a row and 2 & 4 for the alternate rows. YARDAGE: Item #083 Main Color - 1,565. Lace and spot weaves consist of weft and/or warp floats on a plain weave base. Equipment rigid-heddle or 2-shaft or 4-shaft loom, 16" weaving width; 10-dent rigid heddle or 10-dent reed, 2 shuttles. In today's Taking Back Friday vlog episode, Felicia talks about how you can get started with weaving and all the places you can take it. Following a hands-on demonstration, you can select your colours, and then design and. You can buy either a group of 4 or just 2 or all 6. In this workshop, we will explore both classic and nontraditional methods of rep weaving on 4 to 8 shafts. The warp is dark and the weft is light. There is a distinct front and back side. The warp threads become very condensed together. Make beautiful woven table runners: 4 Free table runner. Recommended weaving EQUIPMENT 4 shaft table or floor loom 8 dent reed. Love the geometric pattern! The great news about rep weave is that it weaves up very quickly!. Imagine the interesting patterns you can create by changing the weft colors. Handwoven table runners and placemats accentuate your table or can be used for striking wall pieces. As the pattern graph has 32 squares for the pattern you must wind 32 Dark and 32 Light warps. Lucienne Coifman – Classic and Non-Traditional Rep Weave. Thick and thin wefts are woven in this variation of rep weave. Woven in rep weave in an asymmetric block design, these sets of four hot pads or trivets simply glow with color. Waffle Weave Kitchen Towels 4. Cats Paw and Snails Trail Draft A traditional overshot pattern of cats stepping over a snails trail. Many of the patterns use just 4 shafts, but several 8 shaft patterns are included at the back of the book using a variety of inspiring color schemes. This course will include presentations and discussion covering the unique characteristics of rep weave, color blending and designing, pattern block movement as well as demonstrating weaving technique and material selection. 4 shafts 4 treadles 408 heddles 34 cm wide in reed 8/2 cotton honeycomb rep 4 shafts 2 treadles 584 heddles 33 cm wide in reed 16/2 linen border squares border squares setting Becky's dragonflies dragonflies setting navy cobblestones navy cobblestones setting xylia xylia setting raspberry rickrack raspberry rickrack setting monksbelt blocks. The two layers of cloth in deflected double weave are interlocked in places, causing a deflection. Projects include Stop and Go Rep Runners, Herringbone Rep Totes, and Irish Beauty Rep Runner, which is on 8 shafts, and Warp Rep Mug Rugs. Plus 2 leftover treadles for tabby. Echo weave explained a little more. You might call this "playing with blocks. In order to deal with a very dense warp, twice as many shafts as needed for a block are used so the warp is distributed on more shafts. Equipment 4-shaft loom, 15" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 1 shuttle. When you look at the substitution, you can see more easily why these are the only combinations possible. As crazy as it may seem, these are woven using 8/4 cotton carpet warp sleyed four to a dent in a 10-dent reed for a sett of 40 e. The loom uses a conventional system of Jacks and Lamms and produces a very large shed. Nationally renown weaver Rosalie Neilson (of rep weave fame) is conducting a workshop on block design and color with huck lace at the Guild house and it starts next week. Becky’s Rep Weave in Four Blocks on Eight Shafts. They are alike in that the structure of both these weaves is mostly plain weave and light and dark ends alternate in the warp and are threaded on pairs of shafts. Using block design of weave structures such as Krokbragd, Honeycomb, Shadow weaves and more, we can transfer the block design to rep weave. Leclerc Nilus II Weaving Loom (Countermarch, Counterbalance. four shafts can be used forfour shafts can be used for making the selvedges on themaking the selvedges on the warp rep weave (necessary towarp rep weave . Plain weave (napkins); summer and winter (placemats. Equipment needed: 4-shaft table or floor loom; 10 dent reed; 18" weaving width; 1 shuttle. You will receive expert guidance from Monica as you move from loom to loom on a variety of pre-dressed looms using four to eight shafts. After weaving, the exhaustive method. Ripsmatta – Another name for rep weave, attributed to the Swedes. Placemats and runners woven in rep are long lasting and have great body. A Draft Archive of 100 – 4 shaft patterns for Boundweaving. Make beautiful woven table runners: 4 Free table runner patterns from Weave structure for runner log cabin. KIT MAIN SHAFT REP - 539977031 - Mowpart / Four Brothers Toggle menu. Projects include a valence, runners, rugs, upholstery material, a belt, placemats and wall hangings. Rep Weave: Placemats (4 shafts) & Table Runner (16 shafts) Warp-faced rep weave, sometimes referred to as warp rep, mattor, or ripsmatta, is a relative of shadow weave. Further reading Moore, Jennifer. I took this opportunity to experiment with patterns. Becky's Rep Weave in Four Blocks on Eight Shafts. Scandinavian, Arts & Craft, and contemporary design. Rep is fun and easy to weave and, yes, it is plain weave. (probably not noticable if piece is narrow) Some weaves (like rep where sett is very close) benefit by having more space. The warp is set at 30 epi but could be set a little closer. Thread the first block with pattern on shaft 1 and background on the first shaft in the second half. The 4 shaft Jack can also be converted into the 4. Crossing stitches allows you to create all sorts of textured effects, including twists, braids, rope-like patterns and chunky cables. In this round-robin workshop format, we’ll explore both classic and nontraditional methods of rep weaving on 2 to 8 shafts. Next time I might open it up even more to 13 or 14. (3, 4, or 6 treadles) Uses many shuttles and colors. There's a dramatic doubleweave/log cabin combination, a unique variation of M's and O's, Swedish lace, warp rep, overshot inlay, supplementary warp, and more--all on only four shafts. Inspired by the vibrant, saturated colors of Indian textiles, these gorgeous towels are woven in 4-shaft bumberet to better show off the colorful stripes. Our pattern, designed by Linda Healy exclusively for Halcyon Yarn is shown in an eight shaft version, but a simpler 4-Shaft version as well. All you have to do after weaving the napkins and towels is to resley your loom to narrow the warp for the placemats. For example, you can raise shaft 1 or shaft 5, but not both. 4 shafts 2 treadles 9 ends per cm. With a 4-shaft loom, you work with (2) . Requires a 4-shaft loom, weaving width of at least 12 inches, and a reed capable of 40 epi (we used a 10 dent). 4 1 Weave all four mats in huck (top mat in the photo on page 5), in huck lace (middle mat), or in huck boxes (bottom mat)—or weave mixed sets. The threading is straight draw twill on four shafts. Lifting both would create a float across the whole block. Transfer the pick up sticks with pattern back to the front. As the asker had 4 empty shafts on her loom, I started doodling about other possible borders. This variant of the Orange Peel scarf is based on the same old draft as the Tencel version. If you want a more complicated weave structure, you'll need to use additional equipment. Each warp end was threaded in it’s own heddle. The odd shafts are 1 & 3 and evens are 2 & 4. various twill are a good possibility, but I wonder if satin would be a recognizable motif for most people. One of the reasons I decided to include rep weave in A Good Yarn is that it is one of the weave structures with which you can achieve four blocks on four shafts. The weave structure is a variant on plain weave providing a beautiful surface for subtle color changes. At first, I used some Gist Beam 3/2 organic cotton that I had on hand, but it was really too thick for weft and so I switched to 5/2. You asked for it and I finally am able to deliver. If you don't like the long floats in overshot – this eliminates them! If you don't like doubleweave on 4 shafts because you can only do plain weave – this gives you patterns! And you only need 4 shafts!!! Learn to take any 4 shaft overshot pattern and turn it into this technique. The structure is usually woven on 8 shafts (or more) and used for differential shrinkage, resulting in a puckered cloth. There are a total of six of the blue/purple ones and five of the green/turquoise ones. This will raise the other half of the binding warps. Rosalie Neilson's work in warp-faced rep weaving involves developing abstract designs on a 16-shaft loom — where two shafts control the color of one block. 2-shaft, 4-shaft, or 6-shaft loom, 32" weaving width;. Dyadic device: a 4 shaft loom simulation. Every loom will be set up with a different draft, variety of warp materials, sett and. Rep Weave and Beyond by Joanne Tallarovic $65. Learning to Weave on a Four Shaft Loom With Kim McCollum This course is a comprehensive resource for learning to weave on a four shaft loom. If you have only two treadles, weave plain weave by throwing the shuttle in the warp at rest and then use both feet to lift shafts 1 and 2 together. 4 treadles - Weaves delightful pictures and geometric patterns. Designing Rep Weave - One Method 1. We r a FOUR SHAFT discussion group. wif file for people who use weaving draft software. This is the ``best quality" view of the document. that can be used for rep weave on 8-shafts. For an eight shaft twill there are many more options for tying up your twill and you will have threaded your warp on all shafts so here is just one option. The three handwoven twill blankets shown in the video were made on the Leclerc Mira II 4-Shaft Counterbalance floor loom. Instead of defining the pattern you want directly, you are describing the set up of a 4 shaft loom – so the warp threads that each of 4 shafts pick up in the top row of toggle boxes, then which shafts are picked up for each weft thread as the fabric is. Our wide range of 4-shaft weaving patterns are perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced weavers - we have something for everyone! Learn how to create woven kitchen towels, scarves, table runners, cowls, tops, ponchos, cloth, and rugs - all suitable for a table loom or floor loom with four shafts. I have one row that produces a gold block on the far right, while the other row does not. " Again, being a warp-faced weave, the color is pre-determined by the arrangement of the warp ends. There will be a wide variety of colours, fibres and textures to choose from. Talking About Weaving Weaving 4 Shaft Crackle. Your membership automatically ends after the twelfth month. The placemats are woven in rep weave, and the napkins and towels can be woven in plain weave, twill, or block weaves. With a 4-shaft loom, you work with (2) different rows. This workshop will take you step by step to set up a 4 shaft table loom ready to. Leave some space at the outer edge so there will be room for the hanging cord. Stitch the hems by hand or machine, and press once more. Shafts 8 6 4 2 7 5 3 1 Threading Tieup Drawdown Treadling Order The starting point is a 4 shaft threading, double weave tieup, treadling order and drawdown given in the next diagram. The equivalent on a rigid heddle loom is as follows: 1 and 2 up. Finished size: 18" x 30" each towel after hemming. You’ll need a 4-shaft loom with a minimum 10″ weaving width. What’s included in this pattern: 29 Pages Including:. Warp + Weft = a fusion of new color! All four of these color samples are woven on the same warp - just the weft color changes. Rep weave is one of the most popular techniques for weaving placemats. For the purposes of A Good Yarn I am weaving each sample exactly the same. Online Registration for 2116 Weaving 102: 4 or More Shafts at 349 W. The Rep-weave experiment is finally starting to take shape – and, she told us is made on a 4 shaft loom (with a lot of pick-up involved…. The draft is found on page 137 of her book "Rep Weave and Beyond". Divide the pattern shafts in half. Check out our rep weave selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our weaving shops. In the weft, however, rows of heavy and fine wefts alternate to accent the warp colors on one of the two plain-weave sheds. Double width weaving is a specific instance of double weaving – and double weaving is in itself thoroughly fascinating! In short, it means weaving different layers simultanously on the same loom – each layer needs two shafts, so with a four shaft loom you can weave a maximum of two layers, with 8 shafts you can weave a maximum of four. Equipment 4-shaft loom, 19" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 1 shuttle, 3 bobbins. Rep Weaving Rosalie Neilson's work in warp-faced rep weaving involves developing abstract designs on a 16-shaft loom — where two shafts control the color of one block. Above is a 4 shaft crackle weave design in 16/2 cotton warp with 16/2 weft and 8/2 cotton for the pattern. make a warp using a warping board or drum. ” Again, being a warp-faced weave, the color is pre-determined by the arrangement of the warp ends. Discover the basic ingredients of 4-shaft twills from threading to tie-up, so that you can start to explore this exciting family of weaves. In weaving the red warp and the pink. The waffle weave structure is commonly used for towels because the fabric is absorbent and airy. PDF instant download ePattern for 4 shafts. Waffle Weave Kitchen Towel Fabric. 4 shaft table or floor loom 12 dent reed One boat shuttle with bobbins and one stick shuttle Specifications 10" weaving width 36 EPI 10 PPI in plain weave, approximately 6 PPI in rep weave (3 thick and 3 thin) Four trivets, two 10. When this technique is used to make rag rugs, beautiful patterns and variations are possible. Cool colors contrast with gradually . Yarns warp: 3/2 pearl cotton (1,260 yd/lb, eugene textile ⁄ ⁄ ⁄. Warp rep is a block weave in which two shafts are required for each block, one shaft for the pattern color, one shaft for the background color. Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Towels. You start by reducing the "The Earl" threading to 8 shafts (because not everyone has a 16-shaft loom). Here are my two main issues; no warping board and a huge 5 dent reed. The takeaway is a sampler of colorful patterns and a broader, deeper understanding of the potential for extended parallel threadings and how to design them. The new vest pattern in a single piece 1 1 2 3 45 6 2 1 1 22 3 33 444 555 666 / / Ink Blue 5/2 The 2-shaft and 4-shaft drafts create motifs of subtle light squares on the dark background. If you are weaving on a shaft loom, you know that it takes two shafts to make plain weave. It's block design is what appealed to them. A Crackle Weave Panion Exploring Four Shaft Crackle By. Feb 1, 2022 - Explore Mary Bentley's board "Warp Rep Weave", followed by 732 people on Pinterest. Every loom will be set up, in advance with a different draft, sett, fiber, and techniques. Next, under the Treadling dropdown menu, select "Weave as drawn in" and then make the treadling tromp as writ. Here award-winning weaver and teacher, Anne Field has written a comprehensive text specifically for this loom. This Waffle Weave Kitchen Towel project is also available as a kit with all the yarns needed to weave either four or eight towels. weaving on a 4 shaft table loom. Cool colors contrast with gradually shifting warm hues that just pop! All on a 4-shaft loom! Designed by Master Weaver Deanna Deeds. Please restrict posts to 4-shaft drafts and the issues (any issue) around 4-shaft weaving --- cat sitting on beams, dogs lying on finished project are welcome here. Warp-faced rep weave, sometimes referred to as warp rep, mattor, or ripsmatta, is a relative of shadow weave. Getting Started with Double Weave. Drawloom – Design your own picture or towel on our 48 Shaft drawloom. And Shadow Weave and Rep and Double Weave, all through the magic of Fiberworks. While many weavers know of it as a way to create cloth that is twice as wide as your loom, there is much more to doubleweave than that. You might call this “playing with blocks. Long Table Runners in Rep Weave; 16/2 cotton warp and weft and mop yarn weft. Rep Weave – Rep weave is a warp-faced weaving pattern with a ribbed look to it. The more you design and weave this warp-faced structure, the more excited you will get and the more possible uses will occur to you. Click here if you want to download your own copy of the 4-Shaft Double Weave Notebook to your computer and use a word processing program to view (or print) the files. The versatile four-shaft loom is popular with beginners and experienced craftspeople. Pull up a chair to these lovely table settings! Woven cotton placemats in a 2-block, 4-shaft rep weave. WEAVING For this and all the following patterns the weft shuttle is wound with the same yarn and the same colour used for the outside edge warps of the borders. Make another stopper on the other side. For the pattern area wind a LIGHT and a DARK warp together for the required number. Labels: 10/2 perle cotton, 20/2 cotton, 4 shaft, 4H. Using only four shafts, learn to weave two layers of cloth. I see 3/2 cotton at 30 (rug, table runner); 8/4 cotton carpet warp at . Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats - Download. Yarns Warp: 22/2 Cottolin (50% cotton,. 8 shaft drafts require either string heddles on rods or a pick up stick. If you are weaving on more than four shafts you can pair shaft one with shaft five, shaft two with six, etc. Being a warp-faced weave, all the color is in the warp, and the weft is mostly hidden. Once wet finished the collapse of the weave will make the open long floats more secure. Convert a four shaft overshot draft into an eight shaft rep weave draft. Rep Weave: Placemats (4 shafts) & Table Runner (16 shafts). Heavy and fine wefts rows alternate to accent the colors on one of the two plain-weave sheds. Open Rep with Rags; 4 shafts 2 treadles choose your own width 16/2 cotton warp. For drawloom weaving, warp ends are separated into these units, and the weft is also woven in units; i. I found a simple two color, four shaft pattern for a rug in Repp Weaves by Lundell, but can't seem to figure out the threading draft. Design tips for a simple eight shaft rep weave rug. Working with a variety of tie-ups and treadlings, you will weave a series of designs in Echo, Jin (Turned Taqueté), Shadow Weave, Rep and Double Weave. This scarf pattern is a straightforward approach to deflected doubleweave using 4 harnesses and 2 colors of Duet Cotton/Linen. 8/2 cottolin yarns in the warp and weft. You can use each set to weave a piece of cloth in plain weave, and hence you can weave two layers of cloth at the same time. The 6-shaft draft woven with another kimono fabric weft c. Get the best deals on Weaving Looms 4 Shafts and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with eBay. Once threaded and tied on, I decided to sample each treadling available when using 4 shafts. First I had to get my vintage but new-to-me 4 shaft, 4 treadle, 22″ Harrisville Designs loom ready for the workshop. baby wraps are off limits due To potential liability issues. Studio 1940 East Rochester, NY 14445 United States provided through Weaving & Fiber Arts Center. In the illustration the sequence of 1,2,3,4 is shown for the threading. On the top bar of your shaft move all heddles to the middle of the shaft. Yarns warp and weft: 4/4 unmercerized cotton (832 yd/lb), denim blue #192, 336 yd (61⁄ 2 oz); poly-cotton warp. Virtual CNCH 2020 Rep Details Practical details for the Rep Weavers of the Virtual CNCH 2020 Conference , San Francisco California. Learn about weaving on a 4-shaft loom. Working on 4- and 8-shaft looms, students will weave samples of 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-block designs. Then select "Draft" and "Thickness" and click on. For example, the first pair of ends, each one a different color preferably one dark and one light, are threaded on shafts 1,2 and I repeated them 4 times in my . What does 4 Shaft mean in weaving? First, more shafts mean fancier twills, more blocks, or more layers. Equipment: 4 shaft loom with 4 harnesses and 4 treadles, 10 dent reed with at least 14" of weaving width, 2 shuttles (ski shuttle and boat shuttle), additional stick shuttle or pick-up stick, ruler, scissors. (threads don't stick to neighbor) sometimes you need more heddles so spreading. What Is Crackle A Crackle Weave Panion Website Of. The pages will print correctly if you want to put them in a 3-ring binder. This sweet little pattern for a set of four coasters is the perfect for learning rep weave and a fun way to play with color on your loom. Weave structure: a variation of traditional ripsmatta (commonly known as rep weave) Yarns: Tintes of Naturales Friendship Towels Kit Equipment needed: 4-shaft loom. And finally Rep, which I don't find as appealing, but . Weave curves and blend colors using continuous wefts on a 4-shaft loom with no special equipment. Your design can have 1/2 as many blocks in the design as you have shafts on your loom; 4 shafts can have a 2 block design and 8 shafts can have a 4 block design. See more ideas about hand weaving, loom weaving, weaving. Rep Weave Placemats or Runners – Weave a set of cheery placemats . Lace produces holes in the fabric, while spot weave produces closed (as opposed to lace’s open) spots. Designing Rep Weave – One Method 1. This is the perfect scarf when elegence is desired. For a 4-shaft loom thread shafts 1 and 3 with DARK threads and shafts 2 and 4 with LIGHT threads. This overview documents both the design process and practical details of the weave structure known as warp-faced rep, oftentimes referred to by the Swedish word for rep mat or ripsmatta. Over 50 instructional videos guide you through making your own sampler scarf from start to finish. Use a main background color (MC) and four harmonious colors (A B C D) in the tightly sett warp (40 EPI). The above scarf is deflected double weave in wool and silk wool. she was featured in the 2-hour DVD by Interweave Press called 'Rep Weave'. The instructions are for warping either a 4 or 8-shaft pattern, . The Replacement Dish Towel Project. 100 – 4 Shaft Drafts for Boundweave – Weave Your Story. Instructions needed: Mayan Twilight Pattern Download from Sarah Jackson Handwoven Designs. See Yardage Below! Makes eight machine washable mats, approximately 12" by 16" finished. Learning to Weave Overshot. Available in a 4-shaft or 6-shaft version, in the Nov/Dec '14 issue of Handwoven. Because you may meet many different drafting formats in your weaving life, it is very helpful to learn to use them all. Her patterns are beautiful as presented but I choose to use fewer warp ends and weave them as "Open Rep". 5-2% owm) at 40oC in pH 5-6 for 30 minutes by warp and 100,000 weft threads. Weave structure for runner huck and huck lace. Create 4 placemats and 4 napkins as well as a dishtowel. Reinforced weft weave structure, 4 shafts. Treadle one pulls down shafts 3 and 4; Treadle two pulls down shafts 2 and 3; Treadle three pulls down shafts 1 and 2; Treadle four pulls down shafts 4 and 1; And then I have the two treadles on the right tied-up for tabby. Rep weave typically has a very geometric feel to it. Echo weave is not a weave structure but a method of threading on two (or more) parallel lines – imagine taking a regular twill draft, duplicate it, move it over one thread and then up 4 shafts. As before, the shuttle needs to go in the smaller shed. To take it form the beginning – here is one possible 4-shaft waffle draft: It uses five treadles, according to most (?) books/practices – which, had the loom been a "standard Swedish", would leave three. Those placemats where a thick cord makes ridges in the weft, but you only . There is no fancy equipment to buy, this project made use of knitting needles, and E-Z Bob embroidery floss holders. Pairs of shafts make up a block. You will make warp, dress your loom, weave four different structures, and wet fi. Fusion Scarf Kit for 4 shaft weaving. Like one of its cousins, log cabin, its design possibilities rely on colors alternating in the warp. You’ll want to use a light fingering or sock-weight yarn for the pattern weft. The same color order applies when a two block rep weave is woven on a. How to Weave Lampas on a Four Shaft Loom. I have since discovered Bronson Lace – the November/December issue of Handwoven Magazine has a feature on it by Madelyn Van Der Hoogt on Bronson Lace on 4 shafts. There are other groups for baby wrap issues. This weave structure allows you to play with blocks of color. This scarf has a reversible pattern that can be as bold or understated as you want it to be, depending on the colors in the warp and weft. 100 – 4 Shaft Drafts for Boundweave – Weave Your Story. I am trying out Plain Weave, Basket Weave, Rib Weave and a Twill Weave on my little four shaft table loom to see what they look like. Treadling is easier (on jack looms) if you spread out the weight. Back Issues: Weaver's Craft. A Draft Archive of 100 4 shaft patterns for Boundweaving. On this day, I warped an Ashford table loom (16” wide and 8-shaft) with a 4-yard warp of 10/2 mercerized cotton (also Ashford, in Fog colourway) and started learning how to weave overshot. A book of 100 easy to read and follow drafts for 4 shaft boundweave. As you look at the variations of the completed towels, notice how deep the waffles are on variation one. 4 Shaft Weaving Draft -- FREE! These elegant huck lace scarves can be made on a 4-shaft loom with just two skeins of silk. Warp is linen 16/2, weft is Mini string #18 for the thick, 16/2 cotton for the thin. Learning to Weave Overshot "Star Fashion". The dfirections for double weave are often presented in the following manner. 10" weaving width; 36 EPI; 10 PPI in plain weave, approximately 6 PPI in rep weave (3 thick and 3 thin) Four trivets, two 10. 4 shaft weave structures require either pick up sticks for each pick, string heddles on rods (less mistakes this way) or three rigid heddles. Yes, that sounds crazy, but necessity is the mother of invention. Gebrochene, Echo and Jin with Fiberworks: Putting 'The Earl. Design blocks are formed using color order in the warp along with thick and thin ends in the weft. Every loom will be set up with a different draft and a variety of warp materials. 4-shaft satin on 20 As you can see most of these examples are depictions of plain weave in a variety of other structures from Atwater Bronson to Quigley, etc. It covers planning a warp, pattern drafting, weaving techniques and fourteen innovative projects. A four-shaft block weave with pattern floats on a plain weave background. Last winter I developed a project for Weave with me workshops around 4 shaft boundweaving. The white yarns should actually pass in-between the aqua yarns and make a white stripe. The effect is created with a combination of a very close sett for the warp yarns and 2 shuttles (one containing a fat yarn or group of yarns, and one containing a very thin yarn). Each kit features 4 colors of Lunatic Fringe Yarns' Tints and Tones, 3 in the warp. The Lundell book is one of my favorites. Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats Pattern, Weaving Pattern. This means that, although you are weaving plain weave, you place your warp under very tight tension and beat each pick down hard with a belt shuttle so that the warp colours remain visible but the weft threads do not. The 4 shaft model can be upgraded to an 8 shaft with or without Back-Hinge Treadles and a 4+4 version of the 4 shaft is also available that reduces the upgrade cost by using the 8 shaft loom's wider castle. 4 shaft table or floor loom; 12 dent reed; One boat shuttle with bobbins and one stick shuttle; Specifications. With a dense sett, the extra physical distance makes a clean shed easier to achieve. Raise the pick up stick and treadle pattern 2. It is set at 24epi and uses SWTC’s Xie bamboo yarn for the warp and tabby weft. Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats Pattern. In this round-robin class, you will explore four (4) different weave structures appropriate for rug weaving: Rep Weave, Krokbragd, Summer & Winter and Rosepath. Doing some weaving making some broken twill diamond weave fabri, so I thought I'd make a little video to demonstrate the function and and anatomy of my table. Weaving is done with 2 shuttles, one for the heavy weft and one for the skinny weft. Weaving is for everyone! How to build a cardboard and bamboo. Rep Weaves: 27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns from 4 to 8 Shafts. Waffle Weave Towel - Variation 1 (15 1/4" x 32 3/4") When the fabric is taken off the tension of the loom, the fabric will draw up a lot in width and particularly in length. You can weave these on 2, 4, or 8+ harness looms. Virtual CNCH 2020 Rep Details Practical details for the Rep Weavers of theVirtual CNCH 2020 Conference, San Francisco California. (PDF) ANDEAN WEAVING ON A 4. 6 treadles - Weaves pictures with extraordinary details. Fast & Free shipping on many items!. For a 4- shaft loom, blocks A and C differ only in color. Learn how to set up the loom for boundweave, and how to weave a story cloth as a gift or a memory of a special occasion in your life. A 4-shaft loom, for example, allows you to weave plain weave, basket weave, 2/2, 3/1, and 1/3 twills, block weaves (overshot, crackle, Atwater-Bronson lace, huck summer and winter), and two layers of plain weave. They need one week time for weaving of softness, it is finished with cationic silicone softener one pashmina shawl which has approximately 2,200 (0. If I enter the shuttle from the right side for the tabby shot, then I use the right tabby treadle. Besides traditional rep designs, we’ll study new techniques inspired from such block. Flipboard Magazine - The Creative Process. Combining 100% silk yarn with a silk-blend yarn gives these luxurious scarves a wonderfully soft hand. As with any weaving project, consider your end purpose in choosing yarn, filler type, color contrast and proportion. Overshot: 4 Shaft Overshot and 8 Shaft Overshot; Other Weaves: Crackle, . Jan 18, 2015 - Warp-faced rep weave, sometimes referred to as warp rep, mattor, or ripsmatta, is a relative of shadow weave. Designed by Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs. Unit The smallest group of threads that interlace in a weave structure. (128) “Ripped” About Rep Weaves. Anyone on your gift-list would love getting one of these scarves. Warp rep with color effects, 6 shafts. Rep Weave Placemat Pattern - 102 Pearl Cotton. adding plain weave borders to a waffle weave. on eight shafts, the explanations are clear, the hints and know-how helpful, . 4 shaft table or floor loom; 12 dent reed; One boat shuttle with bobbins . Unit, Single A group of threads that is raised in a single unit drawloom. Then you would use the rows in the threading draft 1 & 3 instead of the bottom row (shaft #1) and 2 & 4 for shaft #2. When you want block B to weave you have to choose whether it will have block A or block C at the same time. 3 treadles - Weaves delightful geometric patterns. Lets say that on a 4-shaft loom you have threaded the shafts in whats called a straight. Customer Reviews A Crackle Weave Panion. , 5-shaft satin has units of 5 warp ends, and 5 passes of the weft. Find ideas, designs and drafts to expand your weaving horizons. The drawdown shows the interlacement of the threads. Weave a heading of plain weave for 2 inches by throwing the shuttle through the shed at rest and then lifting both shafts (1 and 2, treadle 4) and throwing the shuttle through the top shed. This brings up the other reason I like to change the threading, that is to separate the ends in each half of a block the farther distance on the loom. Floats around the outside edge of each square create depth. A twill requires 4 treadles: One treadle tied up to 1 and 2. Ripsmatta is a Scandinavian term meaning rep mat. The way you weave it creates blocks of color. This thorough study of rep weave is a must for any serious weaving library. When one wants to change colors of the pattern during the weaving, one . It is a 2 block pattern and they were woven on 2 shafts at 24 threads per inch. Warp-faced rep weave, sometimes referred to as warp rep, mattor, or ripsmatta, is a relative of . They are alike in that the structure of both these weaves is mostly plain weave and li… E Eve Jakobson 240 followers More information. These gorgeous warp rep mats would look lovely on your table this fall. weaving on a 4 shaft table loom. The weave structure that you use on an inkle loom is warp faced plain weave. In it I created 100 full color drafts that can be used to make a story cloth to tell YOUR story using a 4 shaft table loom. Jack looms can have difficulties unless the shafts are very heavy.