sweet pea imagines he scares you. I usually had to grab something different. The Serpents went behind them but Sweet Pea stayed facing you. “It’s my fault she kicked you out. ” He left money on the bar and grabbed your hand. Sweet Pea was incredibly smart (making him a great study buddy) and was incredibly kind towards you. summary; Malachi’s arrested for the racing incident. Faceclaim: Sabrina Carpenter*************I sighed as I packed my gym bag with my work uniform. Fangs huffed and shook his head as he sat up front with the driver. When the Bulldog and Serpent happens, you try your best to stop it. Would you write a Tommy Shelby imagine where he's in love with Ada's best friend from childhood who's an honorary Shelby, so Polly calls her to deal with Tommy when he's overworking himself knowing that he'll do whatever the reader says/wants so the reader forces him to take a break and it's basically an unofficial date ending with them becoming official couple to no surprise to anyone since. He saw you, causing him to stand up. The two of you had a hot and steamy night alone, with your little black dress on the floor. Then she has some troubles on the way back home then the Serpents save her. The two of you met in college during physics lab and although it sounds cliche, it was history. His eyes were bloodshot and you knew for a fact that he hadn’t slept in days since he found out about your deal. Barbara Mandrell remembered the kindnesses he gave a scared man who gave him the nickname "Sweet Pea," a moniker he wasn't sure he liked . "Quick! Kiss me!" You whispered as he simply stared at you. sweet pea x reader sweet pea imagine sweet pea x you sweet pea angst . Requested: Summary: You're Archie's little sister and dating Sweet Pea. “Consider it a peace offering,” He winked over, making you hide into your book again. He drove with his hand caressing yours on the console. You ran over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He stood next to Toni who also had a painful look for you. Like he’s such a little bean who always holds your hand and either presses his lips gently to your wrist or rubs his thumb along yours. He pulled your blanket away from you, the cold air hitting your skin, “Seriously, y/n. Hi love, I absolutely adore your writing! I was wondering if you wanted to write an imagine where Sweet Pea get jealous or insecure, when he sees his northsider girlfriend hanging out when some other boys (she only loves him though) And they have a really intense fight over it, like he’s insecure cause his issues of getting left by the people closest. "Hey, don't come in here snapping on me, in case you forgot Sweet Pea, we aren't dating. Request: Reader/Sweet Pea, you’re normally pretty “tom boy/casual” when it comes to fashion but at a party you get convinced by Cheryl to have her give you a makeover none of serpents recognise you and Sweet Pea is like when he sees you. ” Sweet Pea smiled as he kissed the top of your head once more. Sweet Pea explained as he helped you onto one of the people carriers. sweet pea sweet pea imagine Sweetpea sweet pea x reader sweet pea imagines sweet pea x y/n sweet pea x you riverdale riverdale cw riverdale imagines riverdale preferences riverdale high cw riverdale south side serpents southside serpents. Sweet Pea would definitely be out kind of late. "I don't know what you're talking about. Sucker Punch, Part 1: The Story That No One Is Talking About. Feeling Faint | Sweet Pea PAIRING: Sweet Pea x Female!Reader SUMMARY: No one had ever seen Sweet Pea scared, that was until you fainted. You groaned, sweet pea jumping slightly. Really kind and just fricking adorable. List of VeggieTales videos. Black (Sweet pea x reader). I just like to write highly imaginative scenarios to widen your, well, imaginations! Enjoy! Just to clarify: all these imagines are connected. You rolled your eyes, and started to drink your coffee. You wanted to seem as if you hadn’t noticed anything. “Sweets I'm kind of scared can you come here” you . Growing up on the Northside of Riverdale you had always felt like you had no. It had always been Sweet Pea raising you and he was great. “If you do this, we’re over,” he growls. Everything was the same until Fangs pointed it out. Sweet Pea rolled his eyes but he still got you to your feet and lead you into the trailer where he sat you down delicately on the sofa. I will do imagines for Divergent, Supernatural,and Twilight. You looked everywhere for sweet pea, but you couldn’t see him, you couldn’t only see Jughead and Fangs. He just grinned and walked out. Little do you know, that’s killing Sweet Pea more than he’d ever admit. Hey, fucking hey, after weeks of ignoring you and all you get is a hey. "She lives for this kind of shit. You’d been having issues sleeping for a good minute because of all the school work and tests, so you’d decided to go back home early for some much needed rest. ” He grins when you say his name. Some of you probably just think Sucker Punch is one of those Baby Doll is Sweet Pea's angel, and when she arrives at the asylum, . Sweet Pea seemed to be thinking a similar thing. So he starts be really possessive of you. George Jones, country music legend, remembered for kindness at. Riverdale [Sweet Pea X Reader] pt. Sweet Pea maintains strict monitoring about the communication protocol, and as it is mostly a paid service, only serious users take subscriptions. I was so nervous of him feeling scared & 'abandoned'but, she really put . He was a member of a gang back in his hometown of Riverdale, the South Side Serpents. Requested: Summary: You’re Archie’s little sister and dating Sweet Pea. Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader Description: Based on Ahead Of Myself - X Ambassadors. I heard about you getting arrested and I got worried," You started to speak. “I didn’t hit you, did I?” Sweet Pea ignored the question, and narrowed his eyes at you. your body hit the desk behind you and you couldn’t go any further, however he did. An my other cat when he's scared he express too u hold him on his back and How many sweet, beautiful, loving cats have been rejected, . He was probably trying to scare you. Paring: Sweet Pea x Reader Requested: Yes, “sweet pea x reader imagine, where sp and the reader have a love-hate relationship ( not dating) and for some reason they have to share a hotel room with only one bed. That made his rushed decisions worth it and that lab impossible to forget. you weren’t the only one with thoughts like that, almost everyone was scared but they managed to show no fear on the outside. Sweet pea definition is - a widely cultivated Italian legume (Lathyrus odoratus) having Definition of sweet pea. He commented and started kissing you chest, one hand aggressively grabbed your breast as his mouth worked on the other one, making moans fall out of your mouth. So, you finally adopted that precious . ” Veronica grabs his arm, “What? Archie no. summary: you accept sweet pea's offer and he decides to bring you to the . From all the heat inside the Serpent hangout made the cool air. Sweet Pea x Reader - Scared of thunder. You closed your eyes and sat in the chair next to your son, "Daddy has a very bad problem sweet pea and his problem makes him very angry. United We Stand ~ Sweet Pea (Part 6)A/n: Finally! I know! lol new parts coming soon!! “You know, he never…” Sweetpea looked over as Alene spoke up. “ You’re an idiot! ” You hiss, gently stroking your sons dark, fuzzy head and rocking him to get him to settle. You slowly followed him as you saw Mrs. You were lucky that he found you or else you would have no idea who to go to. ” “You can stay here as long as you want Beth. You think you're a hot-head, well you haven't seen anything until you've seen Bea's temper" he chuckled. He wouldn't change you, he wants you just the way you are. Summary: You lived on the Northside for most of your life. You let out a groan before rolling over onto your other side. ” You said as gently as you could to the small boy staring up at you with wide eyes and syrup on his face. " "Why are you being nice to me?" You asked him. I was just on my way to…” You trailed off. You look away from the crowd as Sweet Pea approaches. You and Sweet Pea have been dating for almost a year and you were completely head over heels for him. You change into a short leather skirt, tight strapless top, and high heels. You waved awkwardly at Sweet Pea and started to walk towards him. What is Sweet Pea Imagines He Scares You It may stretch you to do things you wouldn't normally do. Sweetpea sweet pea imagine sweet pea x reader riverdale riverdale imagine riverdale x . love, archie, josieandthepussycats. In my peripheral vision, I can see Sweet Pea silently filling with anger. He chuckles, quickly kissing your temple and then turning to crawl out of the comfort of the sofa. you're yet to have, your finest hour — Poison (Sweet Pea x Reader. 4K 144 4 You were sat in your trailer with your boyfriend Sweet Pea, . You both went to the drag race where you saw Sweet Pea on his motorcycle. “Jesus,” Sweet Pea hissed softly as he caught you before you actually went down. “You don’t have to do that,” You said quietly. He's watching you just barely touch him, just barely out of reach. you stayed in his arms, as he swayed you from side to side, whispering things to make you calm down. He held onto you as you bury your face into his neck where his tattoo was. Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader Summary: Sweet Pea breaks up with you when he finds out you've made a deal with the Ghoulies but can't stand to be apart from you for long MASTERLIST (mobile and desktop) (you can like it and save it for later!). ” you and sweet pea danced silly, pop and fp laughing at you two. “Thought we knew better than to mess with Northsiders. Williams starting to make her way towards you. Originally posted by howtoamuseacoolperson. You sat down next to Sweet Pea and he wrapped his arm around you while you . A/N: I decided to not make this a smutty one, however if you do want sweet pea smut I have some other imagines on my page!. Jughead yelled “Come on Y/N we’ve gotta take you to hospital. Sweet Pea jumped from his seat, and you saw his facial expression go from happy to scared in pure seconds, he quickly paused the show, and turned to you. “ Uh, sorry? Toni, and Fangs just stared at the both of you, eating their chips eagerly, watching the whole go down. Sweet Pea was a proud character and you decided to allow him his pride and play into it. "You have to do this Sweet Pea. reader gets flustrated and says ‘i’m not having my first time with you’. ” Fangs pulled his phone from his ear for the third time “Still nothing. Once the rain stopped, you and Sweet Pea walked outside where you shivered from the cold. You moved towards Fangs quickly and he flinched . -Okay so imagine you really like Sweet Pea. Originally posted by sweetpeasnecktattoo. his neck was covered in small bite marks and fresh hickeys, not easy to hide. than the dance) sweet pea and you get into a fight, basically he tells you that you don't . Sweet pea looked back at you, “It's okay babe. Author’s Note: Riverdale AU where FP didn’t go to prison for his crimes and Jughead joined the Serpents because he wanted to. Just as you finished your business, you heard the theme song playing loudly, and you let out a gasp, and marched out the room. Scare | Sweet pea imagine Request: Reader x Sweet Pea where they have a But only to find out you're not pregnant but now he has baby . “Hey, don’t come in here snapping on me, in case you forgot Sweet Pea, we aren’t dating. ” You shook your head tears streaming down “No I want sweet pea with me. He is prone to fighting and thus is prone to getting injured. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Being only seventeen Athena understood now that her life was changing forever, which brought her to where she is now. Word Count: 928 A/N: Season 2B starts today!Scared? Excited? Let's talk about it! Me and my friend @jugheadxreaderinyourhead (sorry I keep tagging you in stuff) have a theory there's more than one Black Hood. Sweet Pea throwing you a strange look but you barely saw it considering that your brother was now grilling you for befriending a Serpent. They hold back giggles as they know what he’s doing is both wrong and childish, but neither can seem to stop. Sweet Pea's POV "Remind me again why we're doing this Jones?", I said as Fangs, Toni, Jughead, and I pulled up to his trailer. warning; language, violence, anger, implication of thoughts of suicide-ish. ” He’s quick to spin his face towards Y/N, her eyes still on the road but with other senses focused on him. Apr 07th 135 notes #Imagine #riverdale #sweet pea #sweet pea imagine #betty cooper #archie. ” “I’m talking about grinding all up on that idiot, Chuck Clayton!” Sweet Pea snapped. Sweet-Pea glares down at his hands, already plotting revenge against his friends for doing him so dirty and setting him up with (Y/N). He looks back at Veronica and me, “Veronica stay here with Gina. You looked at Sophie and she shook her shoulders. At one point in the afternoon, sweet pea had given you one of his flannels to keep warm. Once it was over, Sweet Pea rushed up over to you. Riverdale Imagines Chapter 1: Purple Rain: Sweet Pea x OC, a. Without thinking you hid yourself behind Sweet Pea, blocking him from leaving. ‘He threatened you?’ Sweet Pea asked looking at you. his face was serious and he looked angry. 퓈퓊퓂퓂풶퓇퓎: you got lost on your way to meet up with sweet pea 푔푒퓃퓇푒:fluff 퓌풶퓇퓃풾퓃푔퓈: none sweet pea was at one of his hangout places, some park with his fellow serpents, drinking of course as a way of celebrating their victory of fighting the north side. Opening up the door, Sweet Pea stands there in his leather glory, you smiling. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, . I was the first time she’d spoken more than a word. Writing Propmt: What if Toni took a choreography class and the director is close friends with her. Until out Little Bit was familiar with her new home, she would hide is baskets. serpent love — Mistakes and Guilt. ” Sweet is crass, his rage regarding Archie Andrews gets the best of him. Pulling on his hair he stood back up and stood over you. You would admit…Sweet Pea was handsome. he told you to meet him there as you two were suppose to. ” Nick laughs, causing me to flinch backwards. A voice said cause of both of you to jump apart. You think about it for a second. Sweet Pea shrieks incredulously, causing Alex’s eyes to fill with scared tears. ” He pointed to a tall plant with snakelike branches. “You’re enjoying this way too much Jones. Just as you were gonna go back to turn on the lights, you saw a hand move in the dark and let out a small shriek, when you noticed it was Sweet Pea, standing by the door when he turned the lights on. The Bulldogs panicked and backed out. Athena would never say being pregnant was easy, seeing as it wasn’t. Riverdale Imagines — Ordinary Part 2. You’re a northsider and friends with Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and Toni. Looking into the mirror, you apply red lipstick. If you’re ever scared (although he’d probably scared too) he’ll bring you into his chest more. Sweet Pea has been in love with Tina Topaz since he met her, twelve years ago. You give him a pointed look at the curse but luckily your twins are paying more attention to baby Alex. " His nose wrinkles at you and Sweet Pea, and you, Sweet Pea, and Betty grin at Jughead's comment. When your brother goes a little crazy from the black hood, he accidentally threatens your secret boyfriend in the South Side. You and Sophie were both standing there giving each other looks when you spotted Sweet Pea walking towards you. All Sweet Pea knew was that he owed you an apology, whenever you meet, for everything he’s put you through. You kept eye contact as you danced. Sweet Pea had smashed almost everything in his trailer. Yes, he did want to talk to her, and yes he did want to get to know every little thing there is to know about her, but at the same time he’s rather die than make an attempt at conversation, because he knows he’d somehow mess up. @80s90steen Can I have an imagine where the reader is dating Sweet Pea and She’s the sister of Veronica lodge and Veronica catches them kissing and can’t help but to laugh! “Sweet Pea! Shutup!” You whisper yelled as you snuck the boy into your room. It was just a deer” He reached back for your hand, stroking his thumb along the back of it. Imagines: Who Are You? Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 completed series Sweet Pea x first-person original character Sweet Pea x Southsider; Requests: Sweet Pea x reader - reader gets hurt and he freaks out. Did you know that God cares about every single aspect of our lives… our likes & dislikes; even in the “little things?!” He is our good & loving Abba Father that . Looking over at Sweet Pea you see him giving fangs a look of irritation. She just wanted to be back with him, but she knew she shouldn’t go back. The moment his hand touched your shoulder, what felt like, a surge of electricity ran through him. He continued to laugh as you quickly shut the door. You didn't hear his bike pull up in the driveway like normal. Him, Sweet Pea, and Toni were sat on one of the couches. “Melody, I have something wonderful to tell you!”. Sweet Pea walked in wearing his Shark onesie, and he said nothing, he just set the drinks on the table, while you told them to wait for you and quickly went to the restroom. “You can’t “eat” beauty – you can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. You looked at Sweets and begun to walk away with you arms crossed, but he reacted quickly by grabbing your arm and pulling you back. As their convoy of vans, busses and people carriers pulled out of the clearing you saw FP and his deputies in their cars pulling up the road alongside you all. You know what i'm just going to leave, i don't want to fight with you anymore. Sweet Pea was quick to help you and when he did he felt something. He let you do whatever you wanted and he did whatever he wanted. what do you think Sweet Pea means when she says, Imagine Sweet Pea's first answer to Kiera (pg. “Yeah just let Lance get too close, the bastard, can’t manage to stay off our turf for all the threats we make against them and the second we drop our guard cause Jones wanted us to save that piece of shit school they attack us. It was a typical Friday night for Sweet Pea and his friends. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and looked at him. Toni rolls her eyes, “I’ll see you around, Snake girl. ‘where do you think you’re going?’ the guy from earlier, called Sweet Pea came in the empty classroom and locked the doors and begun walking towards you while you were taking slow steps back. Read He comes to your rescue from the story Sweet Pea Imagines by calumlush (Don't come for me. ” “What about your gun?” Sweet Pea asks looking back at me. As you head for the door, Sweet Pea tugs you back, turning you to face him. black hood is going after sinners and although you didn’t do anything bad you still feared he might step in your way and kill you. "Wha-" He started, but stopped when your lips met his. The two of you spent every moment you could together he practically lived at your trailer. They were all hanging out at the quarry like they normally do. Imagine moving to Riverdale while your father has some business to attend to. Not only was he holding a gun and being told to kill this man but you and everyone else were seemingly okay with it. However as soon as you became a teenager, he kind of ignored you. Reggie has been interested in you since 9th grade and Veronica has been trying to get you two together since she arrived. Sweet Pea stirred in his sleep, the slight weight on his chest making him panic for a moment, but after opening his tired eyes and looking. Kiss Me - Sweet Pea Imagine Settle down with me Cover me up Colour me in The soft morning light was only just spilling into the room, a plethora of warm oranges and yellows coating the white bed sheet completely. Anal Glands and Happy Cats. Sweet Pea ignores the fact that his friend is drunk as hell, because even the floor not being the most comfortable place in the world, he got to lay on it with Y/N next to him. “You drugged me, and then you raped me. sweet pea made sure to always keep your safe and this was his first time leaving you all alone. because he is such a clingy little shit !! you finally unlock the window and pea rushes in; afraid you’ll lock him out again “i’m sorry baby, i shouldn’t of done it. You still had it on tonight, buttoned up to keep the chill off. You go to your closet to change. Till your life turned upside down and you ended up going to live on the south side and go to school there. “Whats wrong” he said, groggily. Sweet Pea grabs Y/N on his lap and she wraps her legs around his waist as he twists them while passionately kissing the girl’s lips. She has to look 'tough' and 'scary' to everyone. "It’s my fault she kicked you out. “Well why don’t I walk you there. Protective (Sweetpea x Reader) You have been living with your boyfriend Sweetpea for a few months. As their romance finally starts to blossom, will it be a Southside 'Happy-Ever-After', or will FP Jones' son, Jughead, be able to take everything Sweet Pea has ever wanted. you looked at sweet pea and he smiled, twirling you “Now’s the time to say, You’re the only one. “You have to do this Sweet Pea. He begins tracing the outlines of a serpent on the back of the seat. He didn’t mean what he said and he didn’t say what he meant. All Sweet Pea knew was that he owed you an apology, whenever you meet, for everything he's put you through. "You greeted back with a small wave. Danger Sweet Pea X Reader. sweet pea looked away from you and adverted his gaze towards Toni. You knew for a fact that Sweet Pea was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with but life doesn't always go the way you want it to. Tonight he shows up with a worse injury than usual. Request: Reader x Sweet Pea where they have a pregnancy scare? Your decision as to how he reacts! + Sweet pea imagine where his girlfriend (reader) has a pregnancy scare and when she tells him he actually starts getting really excited and is trying to figure out what characteristics the baby would have from each of you. 3 weeks and 2 days later, her sister Sweet pea died in my husband's she was my baby, and I can not imagine my life without her, she was . You’re careful not to cross any lines, keeping your touch light and respectful. “Hey,” You replied with a weary voice as you looked up at him with a slightly pathetic grin. " "I'm talking about grinding all up on that idiot, Chuck Clayton!" Sweet Pea snapped. “He Nice to meet you I’m fangs the best friend. He doesn’t slide into the booth across from you, simply standing next to yours and resting his hand on the back of it so he can adopt a more relaxed posture. Ordinary Part 2-Sweet Pea Imagine. You nodded at everyone and they smiled and walked into Pops, Jughead giving you a hesitant look but you ushered him in. Mistakes and Guilt Request: “so could you do a Sweet Pea imagine where y'all get into like a really big fight and he scares you and he can . It was a good thing too, his eyes were now squeezed shut to stop any tears from flowing. Of course, Sweet Pea let you, agreeing but wanting to stay out a little longer. I didn’t do anything about it because I was scared of you, but I’m not scared anymore. Telling me I’m doing the right thing. Request: you write an imagine were Sweet Pea gets jealous cause another guy was flirting with you at the Wyte Wyrm. “Vulnerable” Sweet Pea imagine part one A/N: I’m thinking about making this a series with a SP x reader relationship, please let me know if I should make more parts <3 Part Two , Part Three , Part Four , Part Five (final). “We’re not together anymore Sweet Pea, you shouldn’t have to deal with me and my life problems anymore. He attempts to introduce you to his group of friends, but the only one you can actually stomach being around is Archie. Both of you lived separate lives within the same trailer. when y/n supports his actions, sweet pea tries to stop her, which only pushes her further. ” Sweet Pea turned the tv off and turned fully towards her. “Hey, handsome,” you smile as he dips down to kiss your lips. They had fights like this before, but never on this scale. When you arrived at his house, he opened your door and. Realisation hit and he too was scared now. ” he whispers while standing infront of you ; you would still ignore him ; you got changed into your bed clothes and got into bed; sweets sighing and taking his jacket and. As you did the embarrassing dance, you saw Sweet Pea in the audience. He ran his fingers through his hair as he shakily sobbed. The Weeknd on the Crew That Boosted Him From 'Basically Homeless' to the Super Bowl. Sweet Pea goes through Toni’s purse and finds a sharpie, giving Y/N a devilish look. when he returns, he wants to raise hell. Sweet Pea stood at the door frame, " You're the one who started it y/n, but since you're wrong you get to decide when it's over ?" he yelled. “It’s time to get dressed by the way, we’re leaving in an hour,” he shouted from the kitchen. If you are looking for serious online dating references, this site will work for you. it scared you a bit… you opened your mouth to say something but his grim turned to a soft smile and a chuckle. When he kept staring at the gun, you clasped both of your hands over his and aimed it at the man that was kneeling on the floor. Scares where pea would be in really bad shape but heal himself and you just had to sit and wait. Sweet Pea heard a tentative knock on the door. Also, they met their now boyfriend, Sweet Pea. When he put me in the car, he'd light one up, at first it smelled kind of sweet. You went down a few steps and looked over the railing into the living room. When you hopped inside, you left him with one sloppy, passionate kiss, just enough to leave him wanting more. ” “Why are you being nice to me?” You asked him. y/n/n = your nickname (also, the events that happen in. You’d been on your way to meet Veronica and Archie. (If you care about spoilers, this is not the thing to read. When Mom finally figured it out, she sat down with me to break the news. He shushed you with his hand and carried on. Sweet Pea leans over his bike and you nod wiping blood from your split lip. That perhaps the rain was too heavy for you to see. He’s watching you just barely touch him, just barely out of reach. ginevra molly weasley : Not While I’m Around. everyone looked at the two of you, their faces wary but snickering. Sweet Pea looked over to see you already stripping from your clothes. ” He turns to her, “After my dad, I made a promise to protect him and this house, stay here” he turns back to Sweet Pea, “You wanna fight? We’ll fight. If he was a product of Babydoll's mind, why would Sweet Pea be seeing him on . Sweet pea always teases you about it until you have enough of it one day. “So now can we go get some sleep” “I wasn’t thinking of doing much sleeping tonight yn” he smirked and you returned the same, rolling your eyes. "This is important Sweet Pea, Bea deserves to be involved too", Jughead replied. While there, you meet some people you find yourself growing attached to. Lie down with me And hold me in your arms. Sweet Pea chuckled beside you before getting up and walking to the side you were on. Sweet Pea bites down the inside of his mouth and lets out a grunt. You're careful not to cross any lines, keeping your touch light and respectful. 6/10 — Sweet Pea//Protection. ” Toni pats your arm and follows Sweet pea to the pool table area. Road trips •Letting you play with his hair •Letting you wear his beanie •Going with each other everywhere and anywhere •Your parents honestly loving him and being fully willing to support him in any way •Helping with his novel •Horror movie marathons despite Jason’s murder •Studying leading to make out sessions •Jug is so scared to tell you he is asexual because he thinks you. After school one Friday, you get home. You felt scared at first when you met Sweet Pea. Prompt: I’m glad you’re alive, but I’m also disappointed that you weren’t hurt more. However, this might cause trouble between. “Okay fine Sweet Pea” you grabbed your jacket and practically ran out of the trailer at the sound of his silence. The two of you make your way into the kitchen and you pour him a cup of coffee. He was close to him at at one point took out his knife. You take a deep breath and turn around, slowly leaning over to run a towel over Sweet’s massive thighs. Sweet Pea saw you in your current state, whereas Toni stayed in the living room. Sweet Pea dropped his arms to his side, still facing away from you. About Pea Imagines Sweet He Scares You. Sweet Pea is a safe dating site, and it has worldwide exposure. “Nothing…Go back to sleep” ~ You and sweet pea had a lazy day, lounging around in his house, watching movies. (Y/N) couldn’t believe that she had left him. Junior denies this as he goes upstairs, but when he imagines his family portrait is full of monsters, he runs to his room scared. " i said rolling my eyes and grabbing a jacket because it was raining outside. You have to be quiet or we will get caught. Sweet Pea’s cheeks flushed a crimson red and he looked at you with cheeky eyes. He looked over at Jughead before walking closer to watch you. You nod your head and his eyes turned darker as he turned to face the Bulldog completely. 'You're in my seat princess' he had a deep voice which sent shivers down your spine. “I love you so much yn, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find you ” “I love you too Sweet Pea” you kissed again, shielding each other from the chill of the night. the song was coming to a close, and it was sweet pea’s chance “Hold me tight, The moon’s so bright. ” Fangs teased, making Toni and Sweet Pea laugh. You were trying to adjust your position on the bed but was having difficulty from the injury you sustained from the accident. " Sweet Pea seems to take those words seriously and you whine when he moves to get up. Your parents had left when you were 6 and he was 8, so you don’t really have many memories of them. He led you to his truck parked out front. Yes, he did keep a few secrets from you in the beginning. You had never felt love this intensely before and it honestly scared you. You can stay with me for now, for as long as you need to. Sitting at your table was another teenager in a serpents jacket smiling brightly up at you and sweet Pea. In a way that was almost cliché. As requested by the lovely @ laurastrutz here’s part two, to Ordinary. If you're familiar with my Jughead and Reggie imagines, you'll be familiar with these ones as well. I am reminded all the more during these difficult days that God's Word says that He gives peace to us. All her worries about him not wanting her are washed away and a giant smile doesn’t leave her face. Williams look in your direction. Imagine having such a pure boyfriend as Harvey kinkle. “Morning, beautiful,” he replies as he steps into your house. “I’ll give you a ride,” Sweet Pea tells you. ” He said with a grin that made. he got so close to you, his chest almost touching your body. You take a deep breath and turn around, slowly leaning over to run a towel over Sweet's massive thighs. Since they started dating, Sweet Pea shows up on Y/N’s doorstep with various injuries. Little do you know, that's killing Sweet Pea more than he'd ever admit. Then this one time Fangs and Sweet Pea decide to come and Sweet Pea catches her eye.